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Platforms and biological resources

ICI research centres have installed the following state-of-the-art infrastructure:

  • proteomics(IBiSA)
  • immunomonitoring (IBiSA),
  • nanobodies (IBiSA),
  • biobanking (IBiSA),
  • bioinformatics,
  • oncogenomics,
  • microarray and next generation sequencing (IBiSA),
  • confocal and advanced dynamic microscopy (IBiSA Imaglmm, confocal, two-photon and super-resolution microscopy, transmission tomography and scanning electron microscopy)
  • flow cytometry and cell sorting,
  • cell analysis,
  • functional genomics(C. elegans),
  • experimental histo-pathology, computer datacenter and scientific computing,
  • data management and analysis centre,
  • coordinated network of A2/A3 animal houses.

In addition to the IBiSA platforms and the platforms of Aix Marseille University (AMU), certain infrastructures and biological resources related to oncology and immunology have been recognized as national priorities:

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