PIA3 - DREAM-U Project

PIA 3 Action 1.2 "New curricula at university". DREAM-U Project " Draw your PaRcourse towards REsuccess in Aix-Marseille University " 10 400 000€ for 10 years (started on 01/01/2019)

To encourage student success by developing their autonomy: this is the ambition of Aix-Marseille University (AMU) in the DREAM-U project. This ambition requires taking into account the strong diversity of students currently enrolled at the university, a challenge that is particularly acute for AMU, which has nearly 26,000 students enrolled in general bachelor's degrees with success rates lower than the national average in L1.

To respond to this challenge, the DREAM-U project, winner of the 2nd AAP NCU of the PIA 3 and endowed with 10.4 M€ over 10 years, is based on an action plan which is divided into four operational "work sites": to develop the architecture of the offer by proposing modular courses and the development of cross-disciplinary teaching (work package 1); to strengthen support for students from the moment they enter university thanks to individualised monitoring and complementary sponsorship schemes (work package 2); to transform teaching practices by developing digital teaching and supporting teachers in the implementation of active teaching methods (work package 3); to regularly assess the impact of the project by monitoring quality and developing a research programme based in the field (cross-disciplinary work package 4).

Among the innovative pedagogical actions combined to promote success within the framework of these "work sites", we can cite the following:

  • The implementation of model curricula allowing students to build their own bachelor's degree course by choosing the combination of courses and the pace of capitalisation of credits best suited to their level, their profile and their project;
  • The development and enhancement of students' cross-disciplinary skills through the awarding of ECTS, skills badges and specific certificates. To this end, the deployment of methodological modules, languages or focused on commitment and interpersonal skills is planned;
  • Personalized support for all new students entering L1 through a contract of pedagogical success followed by a reference teacher, accompanied by digital tools dedicated to the development of skills and the monitoring of achievements;
  • A system of sponsorship of L1 students by their elders in L2 and L3;
  • A reinforced opening on the professional world with a mentoring system by alumni from the L2;
  • A "hybrid quality" label to support the hybridization of teaching;
  • The production of a SPOC "Methodology of University Work (MTU)" for the use of training managers;
  • The stimulation of creativity and pedagogical innovation through dedicated places on each campus: CIPELab, innovative learning spaces.

DREAM-U will be deployed progressively over the next 10 years, with a phase of experimentation on a panel of pioneering mentions, followed by a phase of generalisation to all general licences (2023) and a final consolidation phase.
DREAM-U will speed up the pedagogical transformation of AMU already underway and structured in its training offer master plan. It will make it possible to capitalize on its most successful initiatives by deploying them for the benefit of a larger number of students while taking into consideration their heterogeneity. Because a university's success is first and foremost that of its students, the realisation of DREAM-U is the realisation of AMU's ambition of inclusive excellence: to be a world-class university in which every student can develop his or her potential and find his or her way. "I have a dream..." (Martin Luther King).

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