PIA 3 - IDeAL Project

PIA 3 Action 3.1 " Grandes Universités de Recherche " - AAP IDéES " Intégration et développement des Idex et des ISite " : IDeAL Project " Integration and Development at Aix-Marseille through Learning " 19 000 000€ for 9 years (started on 22/06/2020)

Since its creation in 2012 and with the support of its A*Midex excellence initiative and its site partners, Aix-Marseille University (AMU) has rapidly progressed towards its ambition to become a multidisciplinary university among the best in the world. At the same time, it has gained strong recognition on its territory and is now considered a key socio-economic player. This dynamic has benefited its university community, notably thanks to A*Midex and the projects obtained at national and European level.

The most recent of these successes is the creation of the European University CIVIS which brings together AMU and 7 other European universities and opens up new opportunities for our community.

Nevertheless, our ambitions for the future remain very high. Being more competitive in the long term and keeping pace with the rapid changes in a world characterised by the omnipresence of digital technology and environmental urgency means strengthening our community and investing in its skills, in order to assert our identity and be more agile. The challenge is to become a true learning organization: AMU has made progress in this direction during its first 8 years of existence, but gaps remain to be filled, highlighted by our external evaluations (A*Midex, HCERES). It is a question of uniting our community around a mobilising and meaningful strategy. Finally, the sense of belonging and the quality of life at work are priorities for the new AMU president, Eric Berton, elected in January 2020. We are therefore at a crossroads, at an opportune moment to give new impetus to our development as a university and to our site policy, to consolidate our achievements and to continue our progress on the international scene. In this context, our IDeAL project (Integration and Development at Aix-Marseille through Learning), aims to develop our talents and federate our community by drawing inspiration from international best practices. It will facilitate and accelerate the implementation of CIVIS and our PIA projects such as the DREAM-U program, the AMPIRIC teacher training cluster or the TIGER project submitted to the AAP SFRI. It will provide our community with the necessary tools to cope with future changes in professions and uses through 3 complementary programs :

  • A Talent Development School to strengthen the skills of all our academic, administrative and technical staff and facilitate their professional development and mobility,
  • A Research Data Management Training and Coaching Centre to develop a state-of-the-art digital culture and skills within our academic community,
  • An ambitious Student Engagement Programme based on service-learning and aimed at enriching the experience of our students by offering them the opportunity to engage and develop their skills.

These 3 programs thus aim to reinforce within our community the essential skills for the development and fulfillment of each individual as a (future) professional actor and citizen of the world of today and tomorrow. An Observatory will be created to support and evaluate interdisciplinarity and interculturality in their implementation. IDeAL will be deployed in 3 phases, with an experimental phase to initiate the transformation on a limited perimeter for each of the 3 programmes. The second phase will cover the next five-year contract of AMU and will develop and expand its actions. After the mid-term evaluation, a 4-year generalisation phase will aim to extend its impact to our entire community and beyond, with the objective of generating self-financing resources.

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IDeAL Project
Integration and Development at Aix-Marseille through Learning
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