France 2030 - IDeAL project

The IDeAL (Integration and Development at Aix-Marseille through Learning) project, winner of the France 2030 investment program, is one of the six structuring projects of Aix-Marseille Université that support its strategy of transforming education, research and innovation. It is aimed at the entire AMU community, serving to strengthen the skills essential to the development and fulfillment of each individual as a professional actor and citizen of the world of today and tomorrow.

Winner of the AAP IDéES of the PIA3, the IDeAL project is structuring for AMU and its partners. It aims to federate our community by providing it with the necessary tools to face the future changes in jobs and uses. It aims to meet the specific needs of the community through 3 programs:

  • The Talent Development School, which will work to formulate an ambitious response to the training and skills development needs of our administrative and academic staff.
  • The CEntre de soutien et de formation aux Données de la REcherche (CEDRE) aims to provide a structured response to the needs of the scientific community in the area of research data management.
  • The Student Engagement Program will offer a constructive response to the need to strengthen the commitment of our students throughout their academic career and will contribute to enhancing the value of this commitment in their future professional life.

The Observatory of Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Practices, which is an integral part of AMU's Interdisciplinarity Mission, will act as an interface between AMU's interdisciplinary strategy and the IDeAL project. The three devices of IDeAL can thus be perceived as an experimental application of the interdisciplinary strategy of AMU.

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Presentation of the project

Identity card of the project
logo France 2030
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Name of the project IDeAL
Carried by Aix-Marseille University
Year of certification 2021
Total budget 79 million euros
France 2030 grant 19 million euros
Project partners

CNRS, INSERM, IRD, Centrale, Science Po Aix, IPC

IDeAL Project
Integration and Development at Aix-Marseille through Learning
Integration and development of Idex and ISite
France 2030