Personalized accompaniment

Accompagnement personnalisé

All students in continuing education can benefit from personalised support.

# COVID-19:


This unprecedented period related to VIDOC-19, with the added confinement, can be very difficult to live through.

Within the framework of the free services linked to your status of trainee in continuing education, Claudine Cocheril, sophrologist, is committed to those who need it by offering remote support with appointments by phone or by skype.

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As part of your accompaniment,Claudine COCHERIL, sophrologist, suggests:

  • A listening device
  • A relation of help
  • Cognitive and behavioural tools
  • Sophrology sessions
  • Workshops " Management of emotions, preparation for exams and contests ".
  • A confidential setting

Appointments are available in Aix-en-Provence, Marseille St Charles and Marseille St Jérôme.

  • Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday

Making an appointment, at the reception desk, with :

or directly from :

1. The Workshops

  • Objective: accompaniment throughout the resumption of studies using the sophrology tool.

This scientific method, through breathing exercises, visualization and relaxation techniques, aims at the search for body/mind harmony. With the help of regular training, the exercises allow a better knowledge of oneself, better memorization, concentration and reasoning capacities. Relaxation and visualization techniques to tame stress and manage emotions help to mobilize and optimize each person's potential.

The Workshops can accommodate a maximum of 6 people. They are held on two sites: Aix (in the premises of the SFPC 23 rue Gaston de Saporta 13100 Aix) and Marseille Faculty of Sciences (52 Avenue Escadrille Normandie Niemen, 13013 Marseille)

  • Dates of Workshops outside DAEU:
SFPC premises in AIX Faculty of Sciences in St Jérôme - Marseille
Dates to come Dates to come
  • The dates for trainees registered with the DAEU will be specified at a later date.

Any trainee registered at the Workshops will have had a prior interview with Claudine Cocheril.

2. For candidates to the VAE jury

A specific accompaniment is proposed. For more information, click here here


To date the AIX workshops are fully booked, over 2 sessions. Another schedule will be proposed later.

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