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1.Presentation of the institute      
2. News and applications 2.1. News feed    
2.2. News    
2.3. A*midex researchnotebook    
2.4. ITEM Events    
2.5. Phd    
2.6. Post doc    
2.7. Internship    
3. transition inaction (research & training projects)      
4.Pedagogy in Transition 4.1. Courses    
4.2. Transition schools 4.2.1. Thematic school Ecocomplex
4.2.2. Methodological school  
4.2.3.  Fieldschools VIPERES Polimil soil water and atmosphere Biodiv
4.3. Mooc    
5. transition for all      
6.  Committed structures 6.1. Components    
6.2. Laboratories    
6.3. Socio-economic partner    
7. Calls for projects 7.1. PAA results    
7.2. Ongoing PAA    
8. Platform tools and observation systems      
9. ITEM Governance 9.1. InstituteOffice    
9.2. ExecutiveCommittee    
9.3. InstituteCouncil    
9.4. Scientific and training advisory board    
9.5. Calendar ofbodies