The "Mediterranean" calls for projects aim to strengthen Mediterranean collaborations with privileged partners and to develop knowledge of the Mediterranean.

APP Méditerranée 2018

WARNING EXTENSION OF DEPOSIT DATES - the planned dates have been modified to extend the date of submission of applications, see calendar.

Principles and objectives of the "Mediterranean" call for projects 2018

The A*Midex Foundation, Initiative of Excellence of the Aix-Marseille site, is launching the second call for "Mediterranean" projects, the aim of which is to strengthen the site's Euro-Mediterranean collaborations with privileged research partners. The suggestions collected during the "Mediterranean in the Making" restitution day on 5 April 2017, as well as the feedback from the scientific teams, have led to proposals for the evolution of this call.

This call will support Action-Research projects, i.e. projects that require researchers to focus simultaneously on action and the production of scientific knowledge. It is a research approach aimed at resolving concrete problems in real-life situations; it will be implemented through collaboration between researchers and actors in the company or institution; its objective will be to produce scientific knowledge on the situations studied.

The Mediterranean area can be understood according to two non-competing approaches:

  1. as an object of research and comparative space.
  2. as a geo-political space, promoting networks and cooperation between the states bordering the Mediterranean Sea

The projects will have to propose an action-research approach including a major axis of experimentation on a local scale. It is also requested to associate several research units and different types of actors (institutions, actors from the socio-economic and cultural world, student associations...).
The call for projects is intended to help support ambitious projects that will be subject to an annual assessment to identify impacts and induced effects for the Aix-Marseille site.

The projects must fall within A*Midex's priority thematic areas: Humanities, Life and Health Sciences, Advanced Sciences and Technologies, Environment, Energies and must be carried out by scientific teams from the Aix-Marseille site.

For this call, emphasis is placed on the following two specificities:

  • Interdisciplinarity and intersectorality, in order to generate new knowledge. In this respect, internal actions within the Labexes are not eligible, but intersectoral and transversal activities between Labexes specialising in the Mediterranean era will be supported.
  • The strengthening of incoming and outgoing mobility within the Mediterranean basin, in order to reinforce partnerships. The reception of Master's level students from Mediterranean countries will be strongly encouraged.

The call is open to research and academic teams from all institutions of the A*Midex consortium. The French Research Institutes Abroad (UMIFRE) - CRFJ and IRMC - located on the Mediterranean territory supported by A*MIDEX are also eligible.


The funding requested will have to take into account the real needs of the projects. A budget of €800,000 has been earmarked for the 2018 call. The maximum funding granted is 80,000€ per project for two years. The IDEX Fund is intended to provide financial support for the development of a project, but is not intended to ensure its sustainable operation. At the end of this support, the supported initiatives will have to find an autonomous means of financing.


Launch of the call for projects on 20/03/2018 at 12:00 noon.

  • Opening of the platform for registration and submission of applications: 20/03//2018
  • Deadline for administrative registration - Phase 1 (MANDATORY step): 14/06/2018 at 12:00 (Paris time)
  • Deadline for submission of complete applications: 13/09/2018 at 12:00 noon (Paris time).
  • File eligibility check: mid-September to the end of September File appraisal: mid-September to mid-December 2018
  • Expertise of the files: from mid-September to mid-December 2018 Envisaged date of labelling of the laureates: March 2019
  • Planned date for awarding the label to the winners: End of March 2019
  • Date of the installation meeting for the winning projects: 21 May 2019, afternoon (to be confirmed)
  • Estimated starting date of the winning projects: from April 2019 - and up to 9 months after the announcement of the results.

How do I apply?

Phase 1: Registration - "I register".
Candidates are invited to click on the "I register" button available on this page. They log in with their ENT login and password to their application area for the "International" call for projects. They must, at the latest on 14/06/2018 at 12 noon, complete the fields indicated (Name of the person in charge/ Component(s)/ Project title/ Project acronym/ Thematic axis/ Disciplines/ Key words (1 to 3 words) / Project summary (about 5 lines)). The number of the action to be indicated is "4", which corresponds to the Mediterranean Call as a whole. The registration form is a MANDATORY step in the process. However, it is not subject to selection. At this stage, it is not necessary to upload any documents on the platform, the complete application file (with budget) is to be submitted at stage 2.

Phase 2: Submission of the submission package - "I complete my application".
Holders who have registered for the call for projects are then invited to submit their final application no later than 13/09/2018 at 12:00 noon (by clicking on "STATUS OF MY PROJECTS" - green button) by transferring to their space :

  • The contents of their folder (template n°1_folder contents);
  • Their budget (model n°2_justification of expenditure) ;
  • The Annexes : (see description of the annexes directly on Model No. 1). Attention: some annexes are mandatory; their absence may result in the ineligibility of the project.

Further information - Contact

The file will be written in English, which is mandatory due to the international evaluation of the files. All additional information on the issues at stake and the terms and conditions of the call for projects are available in the framework text of this call. Contact: Camille Duran, Internationalization Project Manager or Executive Direction


Do you have any questions? please consult the FAQ

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