The Institute of Mechanics and Engineering ensures coordination between the various training courses (masters and engineering schools) on the site and encourages pedagogical initiatives (high-level courses, teaching on technological platforms, summer schools, etc.). It reinforces the master/doctorate links. A work-study scheme in companies and laboratories will gradually be set up.

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The training offer within the institute is manifold. First of all, within the university, through three components: the UFR sciences and in particular the Mechanics Department; the Polytech'Marseille University School, whose Energy Mechanics Department located on the Château Gombert site is backed up by the IUSTI laboratory; and the university's IUT. The institute also collaborates with the Ecole Centrale de Marseille, where many teacher-researchers from the LMA, IRPHE and M2P2 teach.

  • Engineering training at Ecole Centrale Marseille (specialities MECA and GREEN).



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