Three Master's degrees are attached to the Archimedes Institute. The mentions of Mathematics and Applications, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. The institute offers scholarships for these Masters.

Mathematics and Applications (MAAP)

Generalist training in mathematics, which provides the theoretical foundations and tools to orient oneself towards the professions of teaching, fundamental or applied research and mathematical engineering (R&D), with 3 courses :

  • Fundamental Mathematics
  • Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics (scientific computation, partial differential equations, probability, statistics)
  • There is one path common to all the courses: Computational and Mathematical Biology.

Applied Mathematics, Statistics (DSS)

Training focused on data processing from multidisciplinary courses (statistics, computer science, demography, health, actuarial science, etc.) which opens up to the professions of statistics, mathematical engineering and applied research, with 3 courses:

  • Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences - Population Analysis (MASS - POP)
  • Mathematical Engineering and Actuarial Sciences (IMSA)
  • Data Sciences (DS)

Computer Science (INFO)

The master's degree covers all the themes of modern computer science, from practical aspects to fundamental aspects, in order to orient itself towards teaching, fundamental or applied research and computer engineering (R&D), with 5 courses:

  • Reliability and computer security (ISP)
  • Software and Data Engineering (ILD)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIAML)
  • Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics (IMD)
  • Geometry and Computer Graphics (GIG)

Master's degree in Electronics, Electrical Energy, Automation (EEEA)

For the EEEA Systems course

Masters in Mathematics and Applications (MAAP)
Masters in Applied Mathematics, Statistics (MAS)
Masters in Computer Science (INFO)
Masters in Electronics, Electrical Energy, Automation (EEEA)