IPhU 2021 Call for Proposals (AAP#2)

IPhU is very pleased to declare open its second Call for Proposals.

The 2021 Call is meant to fund ambitious (by its goal and/or its scope) collaborative scientific and/or educational projects for possible small equipment and operating money, and PhD students to be hired starting October 2021; co-funding is possible (and even encouraged) as long as the other source of funding is clearly identified and compatible with being managed by AMU. The Call covers also funding for the organization of events (conferences, workshops, summer schools,...) and hosting of visiting experts (which may or may not be part of a larger project).

Important note: this Call does not apply to the ongoing projects funded in 2020 by IPhU. For these projects, the PIs will be contacted directly to provide a short report on the status and requests of their project.

The guidelines for this Call are the following:

  • Scientific relevance, well defined and realistic work plan, and expected impact (national and international), together with matching the institute scientific perimeter and goals, are the primary selection criteria. 
  • Implementation of a genuine collaboration between teams of at least two labs of the institute will also be favored.
  • The project proposal can span several years. In that case, an evaluation of the project is performed each year to validate the continuation of its funding by IPhU.

IPhU's overall budget for 2021 should allow for the possible funding of 3 full PhD students (the exact number still needs to be confirmed by AMU) and expenses of projects (small equipments, operations and/or missions) up to a total of about 90 k€.

The maximum possible annual requested budget for a project should not exceed 10 k€; if it is not the case for your proposal, please contact this address well before the deadline so we can discuss with you the best way for your project to get (co-)funded.

It is also important to note that each IPhU doctoral grant is automatically accompanied by an additional lump sum of 2 k€/year to cover the installation and some of the operating costs of the doctoral student.

It is essential that you make sure that your financial requests are as realistic as possible: do not artificially inflate them.

Before submission, please do discuss the proposal with the directors of the labs involved, to make sure of the availability of the lab resources required to carry out the project. They will be involved in the selection process and it is important that they be informed of your application.

To answer this call, you must  use the templates available on this page in the "Useful Links" section,
and submit them to
this address 
by Wednesday, 20 January 2021 midnight at the latest.

Proposals will be analyzed and processed before mid-February 2021, and arbitrated by the Institute Council. Projects PIs will be informed of the outcome of the arbitration at the beginning of March 2021. 

If you need clarifications and/or additional information, or if you find bugs/mistakes in this text or in the application forms, please contact this address.

the IPhU board of directors.

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