Institute Council

The Institute is administered by an Institute Council.

The powers of the Council are as follows:

  • Validate:
    • The main orientations of the institute in terms of research, training and innovation
    • The draft budget (operating, investment, payroll) and the financial account of the institute
    • Responses to the various calls for proposals put forward by the institute
  • Give an opinion on the assessments and evaluations submitted to it
  • Propose the Director of the Institute for appointment
  • Arbitrate the Calls for proposals from the Institute

The Institute Council is chaired by the Director of the Institute.

The Council is composed of :

  • Members with voting rights :
    • Directors (or representatives)
      • College 1 (Components)
        • of UFR Sciences (2 votes)
        • of OSU Pythéas (1 vote)
      • College 2 (Research Units)
        • of CPPM (1 vote)
        • of CPT (1 vote)
        • of LAM (1 vote)
  • Members in an advisory capacity :
    • The Institute Director and Deputy Directors (Research, Training, Administration)
    • The Director of the Doctoral College
    • The Director of the Doctoral School ED352
    • The Director of the Physics Department

The Director of the Institute may, as appropriate and in an advisory capacity, invite experts to Institute Council meetings on a particular item or on the whole session.

The Institute Council shall meet at least twice a year.

Institute Council