Governance of MarMaRa

The governance of the Marseille Rare Diseases Institute - MarMaRa is ensured by several complementary bodies that monitor, implement and evaluate the missions and activities of the institute.

The implementation and coordination of MarMaRa's activities and missions are carried out by the Bureau of the Institute. The Bureau is composed of :

  • Director-Scientific and Technical Manager: Thierry Brue
  • Deputy Director of Research: Frédérique Magdinier
  • Deputy Director of Training: Denis Puthier
  • Project leader: Cécile Bernard
  • In charge of tenders: Laurence Colleaux
  • MMG Unit Administrative Manager: Rodolphe Moreau

This executive body is complemented by three other structures that ensure the operational and strategic monitoring of MarMaRa: the Institute Council, the Scientific Committee and the Scientific and Training Advisory Board.

The Institute Council ensures the smooth running of MarMaRa and is responsible for monitoring missions, thematic or strategic changes and the annual evaluation of the Institute's actions. It is composed of members with consultative and deliberative voice and meets at least twice a year.

The Scientific Committee is composed of representatives of the Institute's partner units. It participates in the implementation of activities by providing operational and strategic support.

The Scientific and Training Advisory Board - STAB - is composed of external experts who represent the thematic and strategic axes of the institute. The STAB issues an opinion on MarMaRa's missions and activities and is composed of :

  • Jeanne Amiel -Geneticist, Imagine Institute, INSERM, Paris
  • Xenia Proton de la Chapelle - Founder & CEO, AtmosR, Aix-en-Provence
  • Jose Luis de la Pompa -Researcher at the CNIC (Center for Cardiovascular research), Madrid
  • Ridha M'Rad - Teacher, University of Tunis El Manar, Tunis
  • Alberto Pereira - Teacher & coordinator Endo-ERN, Leiden University, The Netherlands
  • Maria-Antoneta Popa-Roch -Teacher in Social Psychology, University of Strasbourg


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