Governance A*MIDEX

The Foundation is made up of a Steering Committee bringing together the 8 institutions (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS, Inserm, CEA, IRD, APH-M, Sciences-Po Aix and Centrale Marseille) members of the consortium that submitted the A*Midex project. It is administered by a Management Board, composed of 18 members divided into three colleges: representatives of the establishment, founders and qualified personalities. President Eric Berton was elected President of the Foundation by its Board of Management.


Visuel partenaires A*midex 2021

The Steering Committee is the Foundation's decision-making body. Its role is to give an opinion (favourable or unfavourable) to the actions financed by Idex credit. It meets eleven times a year. The Steering Committee draws up the annual programme of A*Midex. He submits it for deliberation and execution to the Management Board, which settles by its deliberations the affairs of the Foundation. At the end of each year, the Steering Committee issues an opinion on the activity report submitted to the Management Board. This activity report and the associated opinion, as well as the upcoming annual programme, are submitted for deliberation to the University's Board of Governors. The Steering Committee also interacts with the Research Commission and the Commission for Education and University Life of Aix-Marseille Université, and relies on its consultative bodies: Research Board, Education Board, Strategic Foresight Committee.

The A*Midex Foundation is supported in its strategy by international experts, renowned personalities and external to the establishment, offering a diverse and varied panel of skills. The International Strategic Council makes recommendations to strengthen the scientific and pedagogical performance of the site as well as its European and international positioning. The steering committee submits the annual action programme financed by the Foundation to the International Strategy Council for its opinion. It issues an opinion on the annual balance sheet of these shares.


The monitoring of the projects selected by the Foundation's Management Board is entrusted to an Executive Directorate, which launches calls for projects, manages the programmes financed by the various funds provided for and accompanies the implementation of the actions. The Executive Directorate, composed of the Vice-President delegated to A*Midex, the Executive Director, the Director and the Deputy Director, works with project managers and assistants. The  administrative team  supports the managers of the labelled projects.