Gender equality presentation

Présentation égalité hommes-femmes

The Vice-Presidency for Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination is responsible for developing a strategy for an integrated gender equality policy based on the gender indicators at its disposal to compare the careers of men and women in AMU. Throughout the year, it offers different formats for raising awareness on issues related to equality between women and men during their training, the diversity of sectors, horizontal (orientation) and vertical (curriculum) gender segregation, and the inequalities that remain in the professions for which they are preparing.

1. Gendered data on the orientation, curriculum and future of AMU students

L'Student Life Observatory presented in June 2016 the gendered data on the study paths and conditions of entry into working life of students from Aix-Marseille University. We invite you to discover here the results of this survey, which provides comparative indicators on the evolution of studies in terms of enrolment and success and, beyond the university curriculum, gendered averages concerning the employment rate, the type of employment contract, the level of employment and the salary of male and female AMU graduates.

  • Discover these data more specifically developed for the sector you have chosen

2. Student commitment to gender equality

Do you want to get involved in these issues, do you have projects to implement within or outside the university? The Commitment Bonus for Sustainable Development, Gender Equality or Anti-Discrimination is a pedagogical bonus offered every semester for bachelor's and first year Master's courses. It values the participation of AMU students in support activities, mentoring, sponsorship, or an individual or associative project carried out in relation with associations or bodies recognised by the institution in the fields of sustainable development, equality between women and men or the fight against discrimination.

  • Link to the presentation of the BONUS student commitment for sustainable development, equality between women and men or the fight against discrimination (link to come)

Does your association wish to develop one or more actions in this field? The Vice-Presidency can help you with this: contact us!
Every year we organise a photo and video competition on (in-)equality between women and men and discrimination. Get involved!

3. Training, information on gender issues

Various courses or training modules on gender issues are available online, including :

We are updating the list of EU courses offered at AMU on gender, equality between women and men and, more broadly, discrimination: it will soon be available here.

A lot of research in this field is carried out in Aix-Marseille University by specialists from different disciplines, gathered within the GenderMed Network, which organizes scientific events generally open to the general public: you are welcome to attend!

Your BU are rich in books and periodicals on these issues and a dedicated collection Thinking about gender is published by Presses Universitaires de Provence (PUP).

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