Here you will find games created by young researchers from Aix-Marseille University in collaboration with the scientific culture unit, a department attached to the Research and Valorisation Department. These games popularize subjects of research in progress at the university and can be downloaded from this page!

Minimum 4 players / games of 15min / from 12 years old
The principle is simple: make your teammates guess 10 words without using the forbidden words. Once you've found all the words, try to guess which research topic links all these words!
You can download the game here : Taboo of research

Taboo de la recherche



2 to 4 players / games of 30min / from 8 years old
With the Sustainable Agriculture game, put yourself in the shoes of a farmer and try to meet the many challenges of sustainable farm management. As you will see in the game, being a farmer requires a lot of knowledge and skills. You have to adapt to the rhythms of nature and preserve it, produce food of sufficient quality and quantity to feed the population and finally sell your goods at the best price. It is an exciting job that requires reflection, adaptation and patience. Good luck!
You can download the game here : Sustainable Agriculture

L'agriculture durable


Minimum 2 players / game of 30min / from 12 years old
Journey to the Mediterranean: an agitated governance is a goose chase to explore the issues that cross the Mediterranean Sea. The game questions demographics, natural resources, environmental protection and conflicts between users of the sea. To win, you have to be the first to arrive safely at port!
The interactive version of the game can be discovered here: Journey in the Mediterranean: a turbulent governance
The game can be downloaded here: link coming soon

Voyage en méditerranée : une gouvernance agitée



Quest game in search of the kitchen of yesteryear

1 to 8 players / game of 30min / from 8 years old
The goal of the game is to help a historical character in his quest for food. This quest plunges us into the culinary practices and eating habits of children, women and men who lived in the Middle Ages or in modern times. The winner of the game wins a recipe!
The game can be downloaded here: link coming soon