The Educational Intervention Fund (FIP)

The university has defined internal calls for projects such as the FIP or the SDN9 project of the digital master plan. You can also create a MOOC or respond to a call for projects from thematic digital universities. CEIP can help you define your project and write your response to the call for projects.

The Fonds d'Intervention Pédagogique, FIP, of the University of Aix-Marseille aims to promote large-scale initiatives in the field of educational transformation. The funded schemes aim to renew the methods of teaching and monitoring students, and may be transferable within the institution.

1. presentation

The FIP is intended for all components of the institution. Projects may come from the central level of the component, such as pedagogical teams or departments. They may also combine several components in a multidisciplinary perspective or with a view to pooling teaching or educational resources. In this respect, interdisciplinary thematic training groups, GIFT, are eligible. These projects may be linked to other educational initiatives funded within the components.

The Training and University Life Commission, CFVU, of the institution will be responsible for the selection of projects.

Nature of eligible projects and expenses:

Projects must be structuring and of a significant scale; they may concern in particular:

  • initiatives for specific audiences (scholarship students, students in difficulty, students with disabilities, students who are distant or unable to attend, etc.);
  • new evaluation practices;
  • equipment acquisitions as part of new educational projects;
  • the organisation and equipment of innovative educational spaces;
  • educational projects based on study visits, including virtual ones;
  • professional simulations, real or virtual;
  • new support measures for reorientation or professional integration;

This list is not intended to be exhaustive; any other project of an educational nature, particularly original, and allowing dissemination to a wide audience of students is potentially eligible for the IFP. In all cases, funding requests must be presented and contextualized as part of a coherent educational project. Finally, some projects may be proposed in connection with common services or other structures of the university (BVE-MH, SCD, SIUAPS, SUFA, SUIO,...).

2. the call for projects for the current year

You can download the documents of the 2019 call for projects of the Fonds d'Intervention Pédagogique (FIP):

Calendar of the call for projects:

  • opening date of the call for projects: Wednesday 24 October 2018
  • deadline for the return to the DEVE of application files classified by the components: Friday, February 8, 2019, 5pm
  • pre-examination of files by the ad hoc committee: Monday 18 March 2019
  • final classification of files: CFVU of 4 April 2019

Practical information and contact

The completed file will be sent in electronic format to

The files sent back to the DEVE must include all the required documents. The list of documents in the file, shown below, appears on page 6 of the word document:

  1. The completed application file, signed by the project leader and giving an opinion, classification (if necessary) and signature of the component management;
  2. The "FIP 2019 Budget Form" file in excel format;
  3. The scanned copy of the provisional budget ( "BUDGET" tab of the excel file) stamped and signed by the component financial service or by the Campus DAF;
  4. Financial supporting documents (estimate,...);
  5. The questionnaire proposed for the pedagogical evaluation of the system by the students;
  6. Depending on the nature of the project:
    • if implementing IT or audiovisual solutions, the DOSI certificate of conformity,
    • if implementation of measures affecting accessibility, disability, logistics, health and safety, the favourable opinions of the appropriate directorates/services (DEVE/PVE/MH, DEPIL, DHSE),
  7. At the discretion of the project leader, a sheet in free format containing details of the financing plan found in the excel file (any important element for a better understanding of the financing plan, use of teaching hours, recipient(s) of mission credits, etc.).

The file must have received a notice and validation of the component before sending it to the DEVE. No additional elements will be accepted after the closing of the call for projects.
Any questions may be addressed to the DEVE training unit at:

3. Past winners of previous years' awards

Find here the list of all the winners of previous years.

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