DOSI - Information Systems Operations Directorate

The mission of the Operational Directorate of Information Systems - DOSI - is to implement the institution's information systems policy.

The DOSI's missions can be broken down into :

  • Network infrastructures: implementation, administration and maintenance of the metropolitan network, campus networks and connection to the Internet via RENATER,
  • System infrastructures: implementation of the university's Data-Center, server management, data protection and backup,
  • Development, acquisition and maintenance of management applications (software packages for school management, financial management, human resources, etc.) and various tools,
  • Development and maintenance of websites,
  • Digital services, digital work environment (DWE): messaging, mailing lists, document sharing, work organisation,
  • Management of the park :
    • Administrative and educational materials (more info here),
    • Software,
    • Audiovisual equipment (video-projection and sound system)
  • User support for access to digital services.


The institution's information system policy is defined by the President and the Board of Directors of the University of Aix-Marseille.

They are assisted by a Vice-President in charge of Information Systems (Gérard Soula) and by an IS Policy Council (COSI) which determines the strategic priorities in the implementation of projects. The Directorate's activity and management policy (purchasing and services) are examined by the DOSI Management Board, which makes proposals on the subject for arbitration by the institution's management.

The DOSI is headed by a Director (Serge Portella), assisted by a Deputy Director (Philippe Worms) and two Technical Directors (Didier Pin, DT Infrastructures and Jean-Philippe Floret, DT SI).

It is organized around different poles :

Cross-functional divisions by activity :

  • Network division
  • System Resources Unit
  • Digital Environment Cluster
  • Management software division
  • Development Division
  • Web Pole

Sites / Campus

  • Campus luminy
  • Timone Campus
  • Campus Centre
  • Star Campus
  • Aix Campus
Contact information


Serge Portella

Philippe Worms
Deputy Director

Didier Pin

Jean-Philippe Floret
Technical director information system


Information Technology