SOMUM - Tuile - Doctorat

The Institute offers doctoral level training and financial support to doctoral students enrolled in its Doctoral Programme in Mediterranean Studies.

The mission of the SoMuM Institute is to strengthen knowledge on Mediterranean Studies at the doctoral level and to create a training continuum between the master and doctoral levels.

Within the framework of its Training division, SoMuM has set up a doctoral program Etudes Méditerranéennes / Mediterranean Studies at Aix-Marseille University. This program gives access to a range of training and research activities including: training courses, international thematic schools, symposia and conferences, funding for field internships and mobility abroad, calls for projects dedicated to doctoral students, preparation of post-doctoral studies. Joining this programme allows the doctoral student to be supported in his or her integration into research teams and to be open to an international and interdisciplinary network.

Doctoral Programme on Mediterranean Studies

The doctoral programme aims to deepen the knowledge of Mediterranean studies by opening up to different disciplines: Anthropology, Demography, Economics, Geography, History, History of Art, Legal Sciences, Political Sciences, Sociology, Philology, Philosophy. Representing 37 hours of scientific and professional training (à la carte), the programme completes the training of doctoral students around targeted issues based on the three scientific axes that structure the Institute. In particular, the scientific training offers a disciplinary seminar providing a synthesis of work on Mediterranean Studies from each of the institute's disciplines.

A panel of training and research activities

The Mediterranean Studies Doctoral Programme gives free access to all the training and research activities of the SoMuM institute, presented below.

Opening up to an experience of civic engagement: the SoMuM Citizenship Lab

Implemented in associative structures, foundations or companies in the Aix-Marseille area, the Institute's Citizenship Labs are an opportunity to participate in a civic, humanitarian or environmental project. Doctoral students enrolled in the SoMuM Doctoral Program in Mediterranean Studies can join a Lab' Citoyenneté in order to :

  • Work in interdisciplinarity and intersectorality;
  • Put their work into perspective by taking into account current societal issues;
  • Learn about social and urban engineering;
  • Build a network of socio-economic and cultural actors.

Calls for research and publishing projects by doctoral students

SoMuM launches calls for research or publishing projects for doctoral students in order to :

  • Initiate collective research on a common theme thanks to funding for the organization of a seminar or field missions;
  • Benefit from a first publishing experience by taking part in the launch of the multidisciplinary scientific journal supported by the Institute: "Transitions in the Mediterranean". Coordinated by doctoral students, this journal is a scientific publication space dedicated to young researchers.

Support for doctoral student field missions

SoMuM finances the field missions of PhD students within its perimeter. This funding is intended to carry out surveys abroad in order to strengthen the empirical approach of doctoral students: surveys and documentary activities carried out in archives or libraries. This support complements the budgets allocated by doctoral students' home laboratories.

Support for obtaining the European Doctorate label

The objective is to enable doctoral students wishing to obtain a "European Doctorate Label" to complete the required three months' stay in Europe. As a complement to the doctoral diploma, this label adds the recognition of a European dimension. Its validation implies that the doctoral student spends three months in a European research laboratory or university, as part of the preparation of his/her thesis.

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