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CISAM - Cité de l'innovation et des savoirs Aix-Marseille

Aix-Marseille University has chosen to place innovation and the promotion of research from its research units at the heart of its strategy and to make it one of the 4 fundamental pillars of its action, along with higher education, research and the dissemination of scientific culture, in the service of the development of the metropolitan territory. Innovation and the promotion of research contribute to the creation of values in all its forms: economic, social, societal and environmental. They affect employment and an ever more fruitful rapprochement with the socio-economic world.

Aiming at an international influence based on its local roots, and relying on the flagship of local companies established worldwide, the Cité de l'Innovation et des Savoirs Aix-Marseille (CISAM) aims to become the territory's one-stop shop for industry with all actors in innovation and public research and to create an "innovation journey" within a new organisational concept aimed at bringing products to market more quickly.

The "founders" at the initiative of this city are: AMU, CMA CGM, L'Occitane and the metropolis Aix-Marseille.

  • THE ACCELERATOR MThe aim of the AMPM, a 1901 association created by the Metropole Aix-Marseille Provence AMPM, is to deploy, in the heart of the Cité de l'Innovation Aix-Marseille, thematic acceleration programmes for start-ups and an Open Innovation offer geared towards productive collaboration between major groups, ETI and start-ups. The preferred channels are: The sea, the creative industries, the intelligent Mediterranean city.
  • L'Occitane is the incubator/accelerator for start-ups "Obratori" oriented towards innovation in the fields of cosmetics, well-being and digital solutions for distribution. Obratori aims to bring together idea explorers, innovators in one place and allow them to create and develop enriching and fruitful relationships that will inspire their creativity.
  • ZEBOXthe international incubator & accelerator for innovative start-ups was founded on the initiative of Rodolphe Saadé, CEO of CMA CGM and led by Matthieu Somekh, an expert in entrepreneurship and innovation. This structure focuses on two sectoral areas: transport, logistics, mobility, and X.0 industry, with advanced technologies such as AI at the heart of each selected project.

Are also associated with the project:

  • the Paca region, which provides financial support for the project,
  • MESRI, which provides financial support for the project,
  • the CD13 which financially supports the project,
  • the Prefecture des BdR (DRRT) which provides financial support for the project.
  • three valuation structures: Protisvalor - AMU's valuation subsidiary, the Southeast Satt, the Carnot Star Institute;
  • the Impulse and Belle incubators in May;
  • the private accelerators P.Factory, M (from the metropolis), Obratori (from L'Occitane) and ZeBox (from CMA CGM);
  • two banks, which "are developing a particularly attractive offer for AMU start-ups";
  • regional competitiveness clusters.

These partners have obviously not set up all their activities in the City, but they have at least one office there.





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