DIRCOM - Communication Directorate

1. Missions

The Communication Department contributes to the local, national and international influence of Aix-Marseille University as well as to the dissemination of information to staff and students. It implements the communication policy validated by the President of the University and the Vice-President of Communication.

Its missions are to promote the university's activities, strengthen the feeling of belonging to Aix-Marseille University and advise services and components for the valorisation of their actions. It designs, produces and distributes various communication media (welcome guides, brochures, internal magazine, posters, newsletters, websites, press releases and press kits...) for the services and the 19 components of the university.

Throughout the year, it actively contributes to the organization of the university's major events (welcoming of new staff, year-end party, ceremonies, etc.) and student events, in collaboration with the university's services and components.

2. Team

The communication department has 16 people. The majority of the team is gathered at the university's headquarters at the Pharo. The other staff are located in Aix-en-Provence on the Schuman site (Faculty of Law and Political Science and Faculty of Arts, Letters, Languages, Humanities).

3. Communication and press

Find below our communication documents:

To consult the useful documents as well as all the communication elements, click here.

4. Procedures

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Contact information

Communication Department
Aix-Marseille University - Jardin du Pharo
58, bd Charles Livon 13284 Marseille Cedex 07

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