Diplomas in International Partnership (DPI)

Etudes à l'étranger

An International Partnership Diploma (IPD) covers different types of collaboration between AMU and one or more foreign institutions with a view to either issuing a double or multiple diploma (s), or a joint diploma, or relocating AMU training within a partner institution.

1. Presentation

As part of the new training offer, nine components of Aix-Marseille University offer 7 bachelor's degrees, 38 master's degrees and an engineering diploma in international partnership:


These courses of excellence allow AMU students to study in one or more foreign universities, for one or more semesters, on a continuous or multiple basis.

At the end of their training, students obtain both the AMU diploma and the diploma(s) from the partner university(s) (in the case of double, triple and multiple degrees).
In the case of a joint degree, students obtain a single scroll bearing the seal of each partner institution and signed by the legal representative of each partner institution.

In addition, AMU training can be relocated to a partner institution located in a foreign country. The training is identical to that provided by AMU, and developed in close collaboration with AMU regarding the implementation, organization and follow-up of the training.

AMU partner countries for all 46 IPRs

Bahrain (offshore master's degree)
Cambodia (offshore master's degree)

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
The Netherlands


United Kingdom (Scotland, England)

2. What are the terms of the partnerships?

On March 16, 2021, the Board of Directors approved the Charter for International Partnership Degrees.

Any international partnership degree project involving Aix-Marseille University must comply with the provisions of the Charter. No implementation of an international partnership can involve Aix-Marseille University without this prior condition.

Course directors who wish to implement a international partnership degree must refer to the DRI-DEVE procedure, and complete the various forms prior to the validation by the Vice-President of International Relations and the Vice-President of Training, and to its presentation to the authorities (component council, CFVU, CA).
The procedure for the implementation of the DPI Charter and the standard forms are online here.

The partner institutions formalize together in an agreement the content of the courses, the methods of recruitment and selection of students (level and diplomas required for eligibility for partnership, level in languages required), the evaluation of students, etc...), the methods of enrolment of students.

AMU and the partner institution(s) undertake to ensure that the programme set up and the national diplomas resulting from it:

  • are in line with the European Credit Allocation Standards (ECTS);
  • are recognised at national level and allow access to employment or further education in each of the countries concerned.

Concerned about the quality of its IPRs that contribute to its influence throughout the world, AMU has adopted a Charter that provides for a five-year assessment as part of the HCERES evaluation process.

Eight degrees have been awarded stars for the quality of their partnerships and the courses followed by their students.

3. List of the 8 starred IPRs : nuggets within AMU

  • ALLSH: Bachelor's degree in History, double degree with the University of Tubïngen in Germany;
  • ALLSH: Master "Arts", type course "Cultural mediation of the arts" double degree with the University of Hildesheim in Germany;
  • ALLSH : Master "History, civilization, heritage" double degree with the University of Tubïngen ;
  • ALLSH : Master's degree in "Foreign and regional languages, literature and civilizations", type of course "Franco-German intercultural studies", double degree with the University of Tubïngen ;
  • FDSP: Master "International and European Law" type course "Humanitarian Action and Law" (NOHA ERASMUS MUNDUS), double degree with the University of Bilbao in Spain / Ruhr University in Bochum in Germany / University College Dublin in Ireland / Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium / Uppsala University in Sweden / University of Groningen in the Netherlands / University of Warsaw in Poland / University of Copenhagen in Denmark / University of Malta;
  • IMPGT: Master's degree in "Public Management", typical course in "Management of Public Administrations", double degree with the University of Sherbrooke in Canada;
  • IMPGT: Master "Public Management", Master of Public Management course, relocation to Bahrain in partnership with the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA);
  • SCIENCES: Master "Mechanical Physics Engineering" double degree with the University of Ferrara in Italy.

4. Other IPRs and integrated programmes

  • LEA-Europe/BA in AEL - Licence LEA Axe 4

The LEA-Europe axis of the AMU LEA Licence is one of the most attractive in the LEA field, as international mobility increases the chances of our students on the European and global labour market.

Students.s participating in this program (about fifteen each year) rotate through three universities: the university of departure in L1 (University of Aachen, AMU for our students), an English or Dutch-speaking university (University of Limerick, UL - Universiteit Gent, University of Kaunas in Lithuania) in L2, a German-speaking university (THK, Technische Hochschule Köln) or a Spanish-speaking university (UGR, Universitad de Granada, Oviedo, Universidad de Oviedo) in L3. In M1, they return to the university of departure. At the end of the programme, students obtain 3 diplomas: the Licence and the Maîtrise LEA, a Certificate of Success for Limerick and Ghent, and the BA Mehrsprachige Kommunikation/Multilingual Communication (German) or the Grado (Spanish).



Useful links

LEA-Europe/BA in AEL - Licence LEA Axe 4 : https://allsh.univ-amu.fr/international-LEA-europe

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