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These two components of AMU's cultural policy are largely funded by the CVEC :

  • THE PRACTICE : Symphony Orchestra, Big Band, Dance Company, Choir, Vocal Ensemble, but also theatre, body & voice, plastic arts, contemporary dance, circus workshops... open to all students within the limit of available places.
  • DISCOVERY : Discounts for PACTE'AMU students, numerous events proposed all year long by AMU (concerts, film club, JACES...) and its partners (Students at the Opera, Opera-On, GUID of the Ballet Preljocaj...).

All the information on Culture at the University to be found on the website

Focus on two actions financed by the CVEC

  • DANSE'AMU - University Co.

DANSE'AMU Cie Universitaire

The Aix-Marseille University Dance Company was created in 2018.
All information about the company can be found on its web page.

In 2019 the Company has already performed at the Théâtre du Cube, the Pavillon Noir, the Cinéma Cézanne during the Festival Tous Courts and next year at the Opéra de Marseille, the Théâtre de la Criée and the Mucem.

- Testimony of Eve Playoust, student in double major in medicine sciences (M2 immunology) -

Eve P "I joined the company at its creation in June 2019 after being part of Le Vivier for several months. Discovering Véronique's work within the company is a very enriching and stimulating experience. We're very close-knit within the company, we share the same passion and this cohesion is really great to experience. I could never have imagined living such an experience in parallel with my medical studies and my research career. This company is a brilliant initiative that gives me the choice to pursue an artistic passion while pursuing long studies, which is quite rare, and I am very grateful for that. We work on our know-how and our know-how within the company, we develop our creative spirit and have the opportunity to perform frequently and to participate in many projects. Thanks to Véronique's work, I have the feeling that I am approaching the approach that professionals have while being in an amateur company and it is once again a wonderful experience that I wish to continue as long as I can. So a big thank you to those who made this project possible."

VIDEO - DANSE'AMU at home during lockdown!

DANSEAMU à la maison




For a Cultural Access to All AMU Students!
Discounts for theatre, concerts, dance, cinema, exhibitions... for ALL AMU students.

All information about PACTE'AMU can be found on its web page.

Aix-Marseille University is a partner of the main cultural structures in the area, performing arts (music, dance, theatre) and museums... PACTE'AMU offers discounts from -3€ to -10€ on presentation of a valid AMU student card when booking/purchasing a place - within the limit of available places.

In 2019-2020, around 4,000 places were sold at the PACTE'AMU rate in the 22 partner structures of the dsipositif (pre-COVID19).

Partenaires PACTE'AMU