Create a request to the invoicing department

Are you a university supplier, have sent an invoice and would like to know its status?
- You can follow the progress of its processing on the CHORUS PRO invoice dematerialization portal
- You wish to formulate a specific question? This procedure helps you to formulate it by submitting a request on the university's online assistance website

  1. Log in to the university's online support site:
  1. Click on "Login with an email address".

  1. If you do not have a user account yet, you will need to create one first, otherwise you will need to log in with your email address and the password that was sent to you at that address when you created your account.

  1. Click on "Formulate a personalized request for assistance".

  1. Select the following categories:

  1. Fill in the form

  1. The numbered ticket is assigned to you.

  1. Once your ticket has been processed by the invoicing department, you will receive a notification email. You can read directly in the ticket and consult the dashboard containing all your tickets on the university's online support site.

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