COVID-19 - Student FAQs

Today we are in a health crisis situation, in France and around the world. All of AMU's educational teams are working to ensure educational continuity in this context and to guarantee you the best possible access to training.

1. Closure of the university

Until when is the university closed?

The university is closed to the public from March 16th until further notice. No students will be admitted on all campuses (including university libraries and laboratories, unless an exception is made).

How will I be kept informed of the evolution of the situation?

By your university mailbox, via the university website and via social networks.

2. Pedagogical continuity

How will the courses take place during the closing period?

Classes can no longer be held face-to-face. Each component is organized in the best possible way to offer you adapted teaching methods. Please refer to your training manager.

What pedagogical continuity for our students who are abroad?

Two solutions:

  • If pedagogical continuity is ensured at a distance in the host institution, the student continues his or her courses there.
  • If no pedagogical continuity is foreseen or possible, the pedagogical managers will offer you an alternative solution.

Find all the information on the FAQ dedicated to mobilities

Will the face-to-face exams for the next few weeks be held?

NO. Until further notice, the examinations are postponed. More precise information concerning the organization or the postponement of the exams will be made available to the students very quickly by your components.

I have a disability, how can I obtain exam accommodations during the closed period?

The services of the SIUMPPS and the Student Life Offices remain mobilized and can be reached by email. Find all their useful addresses on the following links:

I have received an invitation to take a survey to evaluate my training, do I have to answer?

YES. Some training courses have almost reached the end of their teaching, which is why the campaign is being maintained in some cases. Once the collection has been completed, all the opinions gathered from students will be compiled and sent to those in charge of training, with a view to continuous improvement. Thank you in advance for your participation!

3. The setting in a professional situation

I am currently on an internship, what are the instructions?

Teleworking is always the preferred modality for all the activities entrusted to the trainee, except by dispensation, for courses contributing to the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

However, the resumption of face-to-face training courses in France and in the European area is now authorized under certain conditions:

This authorization does not include health students whose internships are governed by special terms and conditions.

The modification of the conditions of the classroom training requires the drafting of an amendment to the initial training agreement. Below are the new models of endorsements:

Is my internship bonus maintained?

If you carry out the activities in telework, the bonus under the conditions set out in the internship agreement is maintained.

Any period during which the internship is suspended will not give rise to the payment of a bonus. Therefore, if the traineeship is resumed after a suspension, you will again be entitled to the payment of the bonus provided for in the agreement.

If you encounter financial difficulties, more information on COVID19- Exceptional help for students

My internship hasn't started yet?

You should contact your host organization to find out if they can accommodate you in telework and/or face-to-face.

Indeed, face-to-face training courses are now authorized in France and in the European area under certain conditions:

  • you must complete the new AMU internship agreement, available on IPRO (or by contacting your school) and express your voluntary work in writing, by filling in the form for an internship in France, or the Europe form ;
  • your host organisation must undertake to comply with the national deconfinement protocol and, where applicable, the associated job descriptions and ensure that all safety conditions are met for your reception.

Face-to-face internships do not concern health students, whose internships are governed by special terms and conditions.

The end of the university calendar has been postponed to December 31, 2020, in particular due to the postponement of certain internships in M2 and LP.

I'm a work-study student, what are the instructions?

Alternating workers are subject to the same rules as employees: teleworking or partial activity if the company offers it.

In the event of pedagogical continuity during the planned time of training in an establishment, you may, unless the company advises otherwise, follow the training from home under the conditions defined by the training establishment. If your company would like you to be present on its premises, it must give you the time and means necessary to guarantee pedagogical continuity.

Your training manager will let you know if you are in a situation of pedagogical continuity or not.

I'm a gap year student, what are the instructions?

You should contact your host organisation to see if the mission can be carried out by teleworking and if not, interrupt the activity until the end of the confinement. In any case, you must inform your pedagogical referent (see the agreement signed with the university).
If the break takes place abroad, we strongly advise you to organise your return to France as soon as possible and to follow the recommendations mentioned in the AMU FAQ for international students.

If you encounter material and financial difficulties as a result of the interruption or postponement of the bonus, we invite you to contact the social workers of the CROUS in order to benefit from specific assistance.

Is the spring break campaign being maintained?

YES. The deadline for sending the files is extended to 31/05 (instead of 07/05).
For more information on how to apply, click here.

4. Applications for AMU 2020-2021 courses

Parcoursup: Is the calendar modified?

NO. The calendar is maintained. The admission phase will start on 19/05/2020.
Following the cancellation of the written baccalaureate tests, candidates will be able to receive admission proposals without interruption throughout the admission phase (no suspension of admission proposals between 17 and 24/06/2020).

The opening of the complementary phase is brought forward to 16/06 instead of 25/06.

Parcoursup : For selective training, I have an interview, but I can't come, what can I do ?

The exam modalities have been reorganized and are specific to each training course. An email was sent to you to alert you of these changes.

The Frequently Asked Questions Parcoursup is regularly updated, click on this link to consult it :

E-candidate : Is the schedule changed?

The timetable will be adapted to each situation.

E-candidate: I am having technical problems putting together my file, who should I contact?

The online help services on the application answer your questions, do not hesitate to contact them.

International Student Applications (Studying in France and outside of France): Is the calendar changed?

The application calendar for international students, via the The procedure for Studying in France (EeF) and outside EeF is arranged as follows:

  • For Prior Admission Applications (white and green DAPs), the deadlines are extended: to 01 July 2020 for responses from the university and the July 10, 2020 for the student's decision.
  • For non-DAP applications (Bachelor 2 to Master 2 level): the deadline for institutional decisions is extended to July 6 and the deadline for student decisions is extended to July 17.

5. Student life and campus life

Are all campus life events cancelled?

Events scheduled for March, April or May are cancelled and/or postponed (see list on the AMU website).

FSDIE: my association has applied for a grant from the FDSIE Projects commission, will it be paid to us?

YES, if your application had received a favourable opinion. If your project is cancelled and you have incurred expenses, you will have to provide the invoices to your BVE.

FSDIE: I have applied for financial aid from the FDSIE Social commission, will it be paid to me?

YES, if your application had received a favourable opinion, but the processing time is a little longer.

COVID 19: what aid for students?

Do the CROUS ensure the continuity of their services?

On the link below you will find the consequences of the current context on the activities of the Crous (financial aid, social support, catering and housing).

6. Candidates for the Caesura

7. Students in international mobility at AMU



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All the student services of Aix-Marseille University remain mobilized despite the closure and the constraint of confinement.

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