COVID-19 - Health

Health services for students and staff AMU


The SIUMPPS - Service Inter-Universitaire de la Médecine Préventive et de la Promotion de la Santé - of students remains mobilized despite the closure of our University. You can contact the members of our teams (doctor, nurse, sophrologist, psychologist, secretary). SIUMPPS psychologists offer students support appointments in teleconsultation via an initial contact by email.

  • More information here
  • Please note that a new unique phone number is available to reach the student health department
    04 13 94 27 77


In addition, the doctors, occupational psychologist and secretaries of the SUMPP remain at the disposal of the staff. You can contact them by e-mail depending on your campus of assignment:

If you encounter difficulties, the professionals of the AMU medical-social team are available Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

  • The physicians' secretariat: 04 13 94 51 95
  • The occupational psychologist at: 07 88 22 09 20
  • Social workers at: 04 13 94 64 64

A tip sheet "To better support containment" has been published by SUMPP. You can download it here.

And always do some physical activity!



Psychological support