Call for projects of the Institute "Mediterranean Societies in Transition".

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The institute "Mediterranean Societies in Transition" supports the application to national, European and international calls for tenders. It is thus mobilized to encourage the involvement of researchers, teacher-researchers and laboratories within its perimeter in French and international research programs.

The Institute "Mediterranean Societies in Transition" (SoMuM) has set up a support system for staff and laboratories within its perimeter wishing to get involved in national, European or international calls for tenders: Horizon2020, Horizon Europe, Marie Curie grants, Erasmus+, ANR... The Institute awards a grant to the project leader in order to submit his or her application under the best conditions. The following applications are eligible:

  • Funding for the translation (or proofreading) of application files into English;
  • Funding for the organization of consortium meetings, in the case of collaborative projects;
  • Coverage of mobility costs for project leaders towards partner institutions;
  • Coverage of mobility costs for Marie Curie applicants to the host laboratory, when the latter is part of the SoMuM Institute.

In order to benefit from this scheme, candidates are invited to submit a "request for support" to the "Mediterranean Societies in Transition" Institute coordination team. These applications can be made throughout the year.

Eligibility Conditions

  • Hosting of the project by a laboratory within the perimeter of the Institute.
  • Good fit of the project with the selected call for projects.
  • Submission of the "request for support" at least 5 weeks before the deadline of the relevant call for projects.

Budgets allocated

  • 2 to 5 K€ for a support request.
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