The Interdisciplinarity Mission relies on an Observatory of Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Practices. Financed within the framework of the IDeAL project, this Observatory aims to document interdisciplinary and intercultural practices in order to better structure them into communities of practice. As far as interculturality is concerned, it benefits from the international experience of its partner research organizations, in particular those of the CNRS and the IRD, and from AMU's collaboration with its international partners, including the CIVIS Alliance. The Observatory feeds the Mission through a mixed and multidimensional methodological approach combining qualitative and quantitative data, in order to understand interdisciplinary and intercultural practices in their diversity. Thus, the Observatory of Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Practices :

- Proposes and collects indicators to evaluate specific projects and to measure the progress of interdisciplinary and intercultural integration within the institution;

- Co-produces with the actors frames of reference, questionnaires and other methodological tools to help them better take into account interdisciplinarity in their projects;

- Capitalizes on a set of data intended to observe the interdisciplinary trajectory of the institution and to measure the impact of the Interdisciplinarity Mission, impact being defined as "the situation resulting from all significant and lasting changes, positive or negative, foreseen or unforeseen, for which a direct or indirect causal link can be established with the action";

- Writes monographs and case studies on the flagship actions supported by the Mission, to contribute to the Mission's annual reports.




Interdisciplinarity mission