AMU DD/RS self-assessment

Auto-évaluation DD/RS

The Grenelle 1 law (in article 55 of 3 August 2009) requires all higher education institutions to implement a Sustainable Development approach, under the name "Green Plan". Beyond the environmental dimensions, the Green Plan covers the economic and societal dimensions. It thus contributes to the protection and enhancement of the environment, economic development and social progress. It is a tool that makes it possible to assess the progress and relevance of sustainable development actions carried out in the institution. It is a self-diagnostic guide, a dashboard, a strategic guide and a basis for certification.

1. Background information

In order to be operational, this reference system, common to universities and grandes écoles, takes into consideration the essential components of their activities: strategy and governance, social policy and territorial anchoring, environmental management, education and training, and research activities.

These 5 themes cover all the elements that make up the 9 challenges of the Green Plan. Each action in the repository corresponds to the number of the corresponding green plan challenge.

2. Piloting tool

Each establishment can measure the results of the actions undertaken, its level of performance and take the necessary decisions with regard to its Sustainable Development strategy.

3. Challenges and opportunities for AMU

Through its exemplarity in terms of social and environmental responsibility, AMU must play a leading role with its students and staff, as well as with companies, communities and its own suppliers.

In this sense, the green plan framework allows:

  • to measure and evaluate the institution's performance in terms of laws, rules, standards, voluntary initiatives, etc.
  • to compare the institution's performance over time (from one period to another),
  • to compare several institutions with each other.

The reference framework is also an instrument for dialogue with stakeholders and contributes to the improvement of processes within the institution.

4. AMU Results

For the year 2016/2017, AMU collected an average of 3.5/5 against a national average of 2.8/5: this means that our University's SD/RS commitment is above the national average, represented by 67 higher education institutions, Universities and Grandes Ecoles combined.

5. Documents and resources

Contact information

Sustainable Development Department
Marseille centre campus - Saint Charles site
3 place Victor Hugo - box n°28
13331 Marseille cedex 03

Brigitte Faye
Assistant and Project Coordinator
Tel: +33(0)4 13 55 55 05 20

Magali Muller
Assistant and Project Coordinator
Tel: +33(0)4 13 55 55 02 68

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