Welcome desk for international students

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Aix-Marseille University organizes a reception desk for international students.

Places and times :

  • Aix en Provence: "Le Cube" building, 29 avenue Robert Schuman - Schuman site
  • Marseille : Espace Pouillon Campus Marseille Centre, 3 place Victor Hugo - Site Saint-Charles
  • Opening hours: from 9am to 4pm

The counter offers international students personalized assistance to complete the administrative and everyday procedures required upon arrival in France.

Associated partners :

  • Sub-Prefecture and Prefecture: Residence permits (first application and renewal)
  • OFII: Validation of the VLS-TS visa: online validation help
  • CPAM: online registration
  • CROUS :
    • CVEC: online registration
    • Accommodation (Lokaviz), catering
  • Banks: opening a bank account, student liability and multi-risk home insurance
  • MEP: supplementary health insurance, civil liability and multi-risk home insurance
  • SIUMPPS - Interuniversity Service for Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion: health / prevention
  • Studapart and Bedycasa: accommodation excluding CROUS
  • Campus France: activities
  • CAF: online housing assistance request
  • SNCF, RTM, Keolis: transport Aix-en-Provence and Marseille
  • SUAPS: University Service of Physical and Sports Activities: registration
  • Other internal services: BVE, etc.......

Multilingual temporary students will help you in all your steps.

You will need to bring a USB key on which you will have scanned the following documents:

  • Passport :
    • First page of the passport indicating the identity of the beneficiary
    • Long-stay visa page (VLS-TS)
    • Page indicating the date of arrival in France
  • Full copy of the birth certificate or birth certificate issued by the consulate or family booklet or marriage certificate NB: sworn translation requested for countries outside the EU/EEA
  • Copy of a regular residence permit (the VLS-TS is sufficient for registration pending the residence permit)
  • Application form for OFII certificate duly completed and submitted when the visa is issued
  • Certificate of attendance or student card
  • Proof of residence:
    • electricity, gas, water etc.) or rental lease of less than 3 months or rent receipt (if tenant) or housing tax.
    • if hotel accommodation: certificate from the hotelier and invoice for the last month
    • in the case of accommodation with a private individual: certificate of the accommodation dated and signed, copy of his identity card or copy of the rental lease of the accommodation or invoice (electricity, gas, water, etc...)
    • if the lessor is a real estate agency, a company, a social organization, scan SIRET number
  • bank statements for the last 2 years, or scholarship certificate, or certificate of payment on honour, or amount of salary if employed.
  • GNI
  • Proof of enrolment in a higher education institution

To have in addition:

  • E-mail address
  • Payment card to pay the tax for issuing the residence permit and CVEC if due
  • 4 passport photos
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welcome desk for international students
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