Students, you have a project, Apply for a break

Césure 2019

Are you a future bachelor or already a student, preparing a state diploma or a national diploma in initial training and want to suspend your course for one or two semesters to carry out a project? Apply for the break!

1. Please note that applications must be submitted during defined periods

Three different periods depending on the desired break start date and your profile (student or future student):

  • You have made a wish to take a break before entering the Licence or DUT 1st year As soon as you have accepted a proposal from the university, you should consult the application procedures for a break on the AMU website to submit your application between 15 May and Friday 28 June 2019 at 16:00. No applications will be accepted before the opening of the campaign.

  • You are a student (excluding reorientation) and wish to leave:
    • In September 2019 for one or two semester(s): apply for the spring campaign, submit applications from 25/03 to 10/05/2019 at 4pm.
    • In January 2020 for one semester: apply for the autumn campaign, submit applications from 19/08 to 27/09/2019 at 4pm.

ImportantDo not wait because the break is a project that is prepared well in advance (supporting documents to be provided)


2. Information and applications(future baccalaureate students, undergraduate and graduate students)


3. Information and applications (3rd cycle)

ImportantIf you are preparing a break in one or more destinations abroad, follow the security procedure

Suspension of courses
Three application campaigns
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