Resumption of face-to-face activities within AMU for staff.

Resumption of face-to-face activities within AMU for staff.

Main principles and 3 phases-time of a gradual return and on a voluntary basis

The Resumption of Activities Plan (PRA) within AMU will be very progressive from 18 May until the summer holidays and on a voluntary basis for the great majority of functions.

  • Telework remains the rule, as the health of staff and their families is the priority.

Also, the AMU PRA includes the maximum health measures to protect each staff member, while resuming, in gradual stages and for a limited number of people, the essential public service missions in a more "normal" framework.

From 11 May, the date of national deconfinement, respect for barrier gestures and physical distancing measures will become even more important. The reminder of these barrier gestures is mentioned below. They will be posted on all university sites, in many places, and washable and reusable "barrier" masks will be distributed to agents coming to the sites and campuses.

Take good care of yourself.




Business resumption plan: the 3 phases-time of a very gradual return

Distance working remains the rule. Only about 10% of the total number of AMU staff are required to return to work on site because their activities are impossible or very complicated to carry out remotely. Therefore, it is these colleagues who will be the first to return to the offices and laboratories.

On May 11th, no one will be accepted on site, except for the personnel in charge of the logistics of the recovery plan who will intervene all week long. Wait for the instructions of your superior; he or she will inform you of the date of your return, if you are concerned.

The deconfinement will be done in 3 phases:

  • from May 11th to May 18th - is devoted to preparing the reopening of the sites. The only authorized presence will be linked to this need for organization: installation of plexiglass protections on the public reception areas, installation of hydroalcoholic gel containers, marking on the ground of physical distance, installation of signs, posting of sanitary measures.
  • from 18 May to 1 June - will be devoted to consolidating telework and organising the partial resumption of face-to-face activities, for a slightly larger number of staff than in phase 1, and on a voluntary basis.
  • From 2 June until further notice - will see a further increase in the number of staff in the classroom, on a voluntary basis and organised by each directorate and component, within the limits of what is reasonable in order to be able to comply, at all times, with the rules on health safety.

The face-to-face courses for students will only resume in September, if the sanitary conditions at that date allow it.


Business resumption plan: the complementary criteria

The return to the site is organised by each component and management. It takes into account many elements:

  • From the date on which the situation is evaluated and the sanitary reality to that date.
  • Voluntary service, which each staff member will have expressed to his or her superior, subject to the requirements of the service, which may require a return.
  • The resumption of schooling and childcare for staff.
  • Means of travel to come to work. Persons travelling on foot, by bicycle or in a private vehicle will be given priority to return to work in person.
  • The confinement of vulnerable persons or persons whose state of health is not compatible with the health situation - according to the opinion of the health authorities or, failing this, the prevention doctor or the attending doctor.
  • The maintenance in confinement of any person feeling possible symptoms of COVID-19 or in direct contact with people presenting these symptoms.
  • Respect of the measures and gestures barriers, in particular the rule of social distancing between two agents andregular hand washing requiring sufficient stocks of soap, hydro-alcoholic gel, cleaning of the premises between shifts in the same office                       and

As you will have understood, AMU's PRA is prudent and takes into account the needs of public service, the willingness of the agents to work in the classroom and the health measures that are still necessary for everyone.

It is important for everyone to keep positive thoughts and a spirit of solidarity towards our university and our community as a whole.

Always take great care of yourself.

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