Press release: Cycle of interdisciplinary meetings in partnership with the Mucem, the CNRS and the IRD

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After the launch of the Interdisciplinarity Mission in June to contribute to the modernization and transformation of Aix-Marseille Université, the latter invites to a series of meetings, in partnership with the Mucem, the CNRS and the IRD, on the challenges of interdisciplinarity and the interfaces between different scientific fields.

1st cycle: Cultural and Creative Industries - Narrative Immersions
Monday 13 September 8.45am-5pm - Auditorium of the Mucem
In person upon registration and presentation of the sanitary pass

Based on experiences of cross-collaboration, this first meeting on cultural and creative industries (CCI) proposes to explore, on the scale of our territory, new approaches adapted to the current and emerging challenges of a world in movement.

Generators of multidimensional value (artistic, economic, social, civic), the cultural and creative industries are at the heart of the transformation of our societies. Overcoming traditional sectoral boundaries, they offer a space for experimentation with co-creation practices fertilized by the cross-fertilization of disciplines, skills and actors and, in so doing, contribute to "telling the story" of our world and its changes.

Based on experiences of cross-collaboration, these meetings propose to explore the sources of these "innovative narratives". This day is co-organized by the Institute of Creativity and Innovation of Aix-Marseille (InCIAM) and the OTACC Chair (Organizations and Territories of Arts, Culture and Creation) of Aix-Marseille University.

The day will begin with a presentation of the interdisciplinary missions of Aix-Marseille University and the CNRS, followed by an overview of the cultural and creative industries. It will then be structured around presentations, round tables and narrative immersions addressing different projects and forms of narration, such as cinema/documentary, interactive web-documentary, research-action in favour of citizen engagement, and emblematic cultural places in the territory.

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Event open to all, on registration:


More about the Interdisciplinarity Mission of Aix-Marseille Université :
The main objectives of this new mission are to:
1) to share a global approach to interdisciplinarity adapted to AMU, by creating synergies between transforming projects and interdisciplinary strategy;
2) to remove structural obstacles to interdisciplinarity by implementing specific proactive actions and an integrated approach, by experimenting with facilitating and encouraging practices;
3. provide concrete support for the implementation of interdisciplinary projects, in particular by working on specific areas linking science and society, and by defining milestones and tools for evaluating and measuring the impact of interdisciplinary integration
4) capitalize, model, enhance and disseminate good practices within AMU and among our partners.


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