News of the DU-LCF courses at SUL

Exemple d'emploi du temps A2 en DU au SUL

All the news and schedules for SUL's full-time courses (DU-LCF) at a glance!

News of the courses of DU-LCF* 2022/2023

* University Diploma in French Language and Culture. For more details, see the page Full-time training.

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1. News for the 1st semester 2022/2023

Beginning of courses: Monday September 12, 2022

All the documents presented during the orientation week can be downloaded on the right of this page:
- Presentation of AMU and the SUL
- Presentation of AMU tools ("outils d'AMU")
- Information on the CECRL language levels

2. Schedules and student groups

All necessary documents can be found in DOCUMENTS TO DOWNLOAD (opposite, on the right of this page).

- Student Lists

The list of students DU 2022-2023, presented in alphabetical order, shows the level and group in which students have been placed.

- Schedules

Once you know your language group (in the student list), consult your schedule in the file "SUL-Emplois du temps S1 2022-23".
ATTENTION: the update is indicated in brackets [day-month-year] as these schedules are often modified at the beginning of the semester: please consult them regularly.

You will then have to choose the workshop(s) corresponding to your level.

- Choice of workshops

Registration for the workshops is now done in person with Catherine David, Deputy Director of the SUL, office 2.11 (2nd floor).

CHOICE OF WORKSHOPS: All students must choose the number of workshops required in their level :

  • Objective A1: 1 two-hour workshop
  • Objectives A2 and B1: 2 two-hour workshops
  • Objective B1+: 1 two-hour workshop + 1 three-hour workshop
  • Objective B2 and B2+: 1 workshop of two hours + 2 workshops of three hours

3. Course news

All the news concerning the courses will be indicated here.
ATTENTION: Changes in classrooms will not be indicated, so it is necessary to consult the updated timetable before going to the courses.

4. Other information

International student welcome desk

From August 29 to September 23 (by appointment), the DRI - Direction des Relations Internationales d'Aix-Marseille Université, offers each year a Welcome Desk for international students. This desk, located on 5 AMU sites in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, offers personalized assistance with all the administrative procedures that students must complete upon their arrival in France: housing, visa, insurance, etc.

You will find all the information on the page DRI-Welcome desk

Self-training and Language Resource Centres

The SUL's CARLAM Marseille (Centre d'Autoformation et de Ressources en Langues de la MIRREL) provides support for language learning, including French as a foreign language, through self-training resources and tools as well as personalised support from a teacher-tutor and conversation workshops.

Similar services are offered by the CFAL (Centre de Formation et d'Auto-formation en Langues) which is located on the Schuman-Aix campus.

Activities at AMU

  • SPORT : SUFLE students can register with their AMU card for the sport of their choice. All information on the page Sport-Suaps.
    Registration for sports activities starts on September 15th.
  • All information for AMU students can be found on the AMU Students page
  • AMU mobile application (apps) INST'AMU: Access your ENT (Environnement numérique de travail : Digital Working Environment), receive the latest news from the university or activities, etc... to download from your Google Play or App store.
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Contact information

SUL Aix-Schuman
Building T3 Porte
29, avenue Robert Schuman
13621 Aix-en-Provence cedex 1

- Reception/student office: 2.13(2nd floor)
Tel. +33 (0)4 13 55 32 23 or +33 (0)4 13 55 32 14
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am-12.15pm and 1.45pm-5.30pm

Contact form (section"Cours annuels/semestriels")

Access map (how to get there and maps of the Schuman campus)

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