New: a mobile application for all members of the AMU community


Following the crisis, Aix-Marseille Université quickly developed and launched its free mobile application for the student and staff community. Called Inst'AMU, version n°1 of Inst'AMU is dedicated to COVID-19 with the possibility to request help. The crisis seems to be over but the link remains a priority. Very quickly, the application will follow the evolution of life rhythms to offer new features, making campus life simpler and more supportive.

Available for free on Google Play, on the Apple Store and soon in open source, Inst'AMU offers easy access to useful information according to the needs of each person,
The objective of this app: to maintain the immediate links between all members of the community despite the distance and the approaching summer season. It is about AMU teams being there for anyone in case of need.

In its version 1, Inst'AMU is still dedicated to the organizational consequences of COVID-19. Depending on whether you are a student or an AMU staff member, you will find the current knowledge assessment modalities, the services of the BUs, the conditions of international mobility, the emergency numbers, the modalities of resuming activities at the office... and, above all, the possibility to quickly ask for help.

In the coming months, a more complete version of Inst'AMU, will integrate new services dedicated to campus life, solidarity actions, cultural and sports activities, schooling, schedules ... Useful features for living together at the university. This is the challenge of this new tool, which was a commitment made by President Berton as part of his "Quality of life on AMU sites" policy.

This application was developed internally during the containment period by the IT department in conjunction with numerous AMU actors involved in the dissemination of information. Under no circumstances does this application track individuals and no health data related to COVID-19 (or other) is recorded or stored in it. The connection is made on university identifiers.

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