My thesis in 180 seconds 2021

support visuel de la finale régionale MT180 2021
Visuel de la finale régionale MT180 2021 [Description]

Visuel réalisé par la direction de la communication d'Aix-Marseille Université dans le cadre de la finale régionale du concours Ma thèse en 180 secondes 2021 qui se déroulera 100% en ligne le jeudi 18 mars 2021 à partir de 14h.

15 young researchers brought their thesis to life in 3 minutes!

Aix-Marseille University and theUniversity of Toulon have selected their best talents to offer you 15 x 3 minutes of a scientific show rich in discoveries.

The event took place 100% online. You could follow it live on the Youtube channel and the AMU Facebook page.

Registration is open on Eventbrite*. Your virtual ticket, along with a code received by e-mail, allowed you to vote for the Internet Users' Prize via a dedicated platform.

Discover the winners

The Jury prizes were awarded by an exceptional jury composed of :

  • Éric Berton, President of Aix-Marseille University,
  • Xavier Leroux, President of the University of Toulon,
  • Ghislaine Gibello, regional delegate for Provence and Corsica of the CNRS,
  • Sylvie Depierre, France TV journalist,
  • Amaury Godron, General Manager of Obratori, L'Occitane Group,
  • Tom Mébarki, one of the winners of the 2019 regional final, public prize and3rd jury prize for the 2019 international final.

Following the performances, the jury consecrated 3 winners:

  • 1st Jury Prize: Peter Stephen Assaghle from the University of Toulon for his thesis « Women's vulnerability and violence in the African Great Lakes region: the case of women in Grand Kivu »conducted within the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche sur les Contentieux (CERC) laboratory.
  • 2nd Jury Prize: Bastien Roméro from Aix-Marseille University for his thesis « Variation of fire-related traits and flammability in two species of pine with obligatory sprouting as a function of different fire frequencies in the French Mediterranean region. »conducted within the RECOVER unit of INRAE.
  • 3rd Jury Prize: Marie Hémon of Aix-Marseille University for her thesis « How can two doses of genetic susceptibility influence the development of anti-citrullinated protein antibodies in rheumatoid arthritis? » conducted in the Autoimmune Arthritis laboratory.

Thanks to the remote voting system, the public was able to participate by awarding the Internet users' prize(the traditional public prize) to Sebastian Marzetti from the IM2PN laboratory in Toulon for his thesis "Learning and supervision in ultra-low power embedded systems".

De gauche à droite : Sebastian Marzetti, Marie Hémon, Peter Stephen Assaghle et Bastien Roméro © Aix-Marseille Université

Peter Stephen Assaghle and Bastien Roméro qualified for the national semi-final of the competition which took place on April1st, 100% remotely.

Our two regional winners, qualified for the national final!

Following the ceremony on April 1st, Peter Stephen Assaghle and Bastien Roméro are among the 16 finalists who will participate in the national final on June 10th, 2021!
This one will be organized remotely and broadcasted live on the Youtube and Facebook MT180 France. The winner will represent France at the international final, on September 30th 2021 in Paris.

Watch the performances of all the 2021 candidates on the AMU Youtube channel.


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