Message from the President to the students of Aix-Marseille University

Message from the President to the students of Aix-Marseille University

Dear students

I want to send this message directly to you to wish you all the best for 2021. This is notan empty word. I knowhow hard and trying this past year has been for you. The health crisis spares no one and, unfortunately, it continues. The situation remains very complicated.

The vaccine against COVID-19 is our only salvation from this ordeal to date. Scientists around the world are working on this cause.

I know the great difficulties, the psychological, educational and economic distress in which many of you have been living for almost a year now.

But do not give up. Hold firm, keep hope and set your horizon clear and uncluttered. You'll get through it, we'll get through it.

To do this, we are working tirelessly with my university teams: your teachers, your deans, the student associations and the administrative and technical teams of Aix-Marseille University.

The exams of semester 1 at Aix-Marseille University are coming to an end. Neither they nor the diplomas are devalued. You have a future!
Your adaptability, rebound and determination are very important skills in a world on the move.

Don't hesitate to call on your faculty, school and university teams for help. Our mobile application InstAMU will direct you to the locations and times of food parcel distribution on campus,

  • the numbers of our doctors and psychologists,
  • administrative and legal assistance,
  • financial aid,
  • digital aids.

We are also currently recruiting for student tutoring missions so that you can be accompanied on a daily basis by peers, students like you, who are familiar with university studies.

We remain subject to national regulations for the resumption of face-to-face teaching. But I can assure you of my determination to press the authorities to pursue the message of a resumption of on-campus teaching as soon as possible. The lecture halls and classrooms are not places of contamination if the health regulations are fully respected.

I am counting on you to remain cautious in all places and under all circumstances - by applying barrier gestures against the virus. Always and everywhere.

Keep courage, do not give up, we are here, together, to help you, support you and get out of this situation as soon as possible.
Hang in there, see you soon.

Eric Berton

President of Aix-Marseille University

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