CANCELLED - Massilia Solar Cooking Contest 21: a first solar cooking contest open to all!

Polytech Marseille, the Restaurant Le Présage and Les Festins Photoniques are co-organizing the 1st solar cooking competition, in scientific partnership with the Institut Universitaire des Systèmes Thermiques et Industriels (IUSTI) and the Institut Mécanique et Ingénierie (IMI).

CANCELLED: Massilia Solar Cooking Contest.
The 1st university solar cooking contest, scheduled for Saturday, June 19,
is postponed to September due to the uncertain weather forecast this weekend.

Saturday 19 June, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Restaurant le Présage, technopôle de Château-Gombert
Event free and open to all, registration required

The competition is open to all, students and staff of Aix-Marseille Université, amateur or professional cooks who share the values of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility (SDRS) and wish to promote this great project supported by Polytech. Everyone can come and prepare a dish of their choice based on fruit or vegetables using their own solar cooker, a solar cooker created by Polytech engineering students or lent by our partners. Prizes in the theme of the event await the lucky winners and the 'favourite' nominees: a small solar cooker, a meal at Le Présage, and aprons in the event's colours!

Guillaume GOMEZ, Chef of the Presidential kitchens, will be the guest of honour as President of the Jury.

Event on registration, within the limit of the number of places provided by the sanitary measures in force.
Registration deadline: June 18, 2021

More information and registration here:

Polytech Marseille, as part of its DDRS approach, is committed to the actors of solar cooking to support technological developments. Several solar cookers made available during the competition have been designed, manufactured and optimized by the 4A students of the Mechanical and Energetic course, as part of their industrial realization project.

About Polytech Marseille:
Polytech Marseille is the engineering school of Aix-Marseille Université, member of the national network of university polytechnic engineering schools (15 schools). Recruitment at Polytech Marseille is selective via national competitive examinations. The school has more than 1500 students and 8 specialities. It relies on some twenty research laboratories where its teacher-researchers are involved in cutting-edge scientific activities. The engineering degree awarded is accredited by the Commission du titre d'ingénieur.

Polytech in figures:
more than 1500 students
more than 50 staff
more than 150 teachers and teacher-researchers
more than 20 external contributors
7600 engineering graduates

About the Restaurant Le Présage
The first solar restaurant in Europe, a Social and Solidarity Economy company, Le Présage is located on the Château-Gombert technology park, next to Polytech Marseille and the IUSTI Laboratory. La Guinguette solaire prepares delicious take-away meals, limiting its environmental and social impact as much as possible (no electricity, no gas, no wood).

About the Photonic Feasts
The Festins Photoniques is an association promoting creative and convivial cuisine, created by local chefs and cooks in Aix-Marseille, with culinary creativity enhanced tenfold by solar innovation made in France. It is an innovative concept for a new form of conviviality to develop in the heart of the metropolis, with the transmission of positive values and the sharing of a local gastronomy reinvented thanks to solar energy More information on the association' s Facebook page.

About the Institut Universitaire des Systèmes Thermiques et Industriels (IUSTI) and the Institut Mécanique et Ingénierie
The IUSTI Laboratory and the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering (IMI) are the R&D partners of the research project led by Benjamin KADOCH, teacher-researcher at Polytech Marseille, aiming to develop a system of autonomous cookers based on concentrated solar energy (Scheffler parabola) with heat storage, making it possible to overcome the intermittency of the resource.
The IUSTI laboratory is a joint CNRS-AMU research unit focused on engineering sciences, with research in mechanics and energy, and tackles problems related to numerous applications in industry, the environment and health. For more information: https: //
The Institute of Mechanics and Engineering (IMI ) brings together scientists and state-of-the-art equipment in the fields of
fluid and solid mechanics, acoustics, energy and process engineering. It is one of
The IMI is one of the 16 institutes created by Aix-Marseille Université, new bridges between education,
research and the socio-economic and cultural world. For more information:

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