LGBTIphobia, what are we talking about? Round table Monday 17 May 16H30

Since 2005, the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia is celebrated on May 17. This day promotes awareness and prevention actions to fight against LGBTphobia. On this occasion, Aix Marseille University reaffirms its commitment.
The Vice-Presidency of Equality between Women and Men and the Fight against Discrimination is organising a round table 'LGBTIphobia, what are we talking about? Definitions, tools and means of action'.

The event will take place on Monday 17 May from 16H30 to 18H00, in remote mode.
(Zoom link below).

Since 2018 and the adoption by the Board of Directors of its LGBTI Commitment Charter attached to its Internal Regulations, Aix-Marseille University has been implementing strong measures and working with staff and students to help, inform, raise awareness and facilitate better living together.

Around the round table, Flora BOLTER, Co-Director of the LGBT+ Observatory of the Jean Jaurès Foundation, Thierry LAMOUR, trainer, association Autre Cercle, Véronique GODET, association SOS Homophobie, Annabel MAESTRE, president of the association CONTACT 13.

Program :

  • From the definition of gender identity to LGBTI hate -Thierry Lamour, trainer Autre Cercle.
  • LGBTI-phobias in France: the state of research and knowledge - Flora Bolter, co-director of the LGBT+ Observatory of the Jean Jaurès Foundation.
  • Commitment and means of action at AMU - Cécile Langonnet, clinical psychologist SIUMPPS AMU.
  • Partner associations - Véronique Godet, SOS HOMOPHOBIE; Annabel Maestre CONTACT 13.
  • First name and customary civility system
  • Reminder of the law, legal context, Defender of Rights - Sophie Sereno, MCF Faculty of Law and Political Science.
  • Questions - answers with the audience


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