The Institute is a partner of the exhibition "Rue d'Alger", organised in Marseille as part of the biennial Manifesta 13 and the Southern Parallels.

Exposition Rue D'Alger

"Rue d'Alger" is a proposal of the TELEMMe laboratory in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Marseille, within the framework of the Southern Parallel | Manifesta 13. The exhibition will take place in Marseille, from October 29 to December 21, 2020.

Rue d'Alger proposes the reinterpretation of urban elements from Marseille referring to colonial histories, based on the intersection of artistic perspectives and academic research. The project invests theItalian Cultural Institute (formerly Casa d'Italia), an emblematic example of fascist architecture on French soil, by opening the doors of a "dissonant" place and revealing its archives. If Rue d'Alger questions the propaganda of the Mussolinian expansionist dream, it does not limit itself to the elaboration of a discourse solely centred on Italy. The positioning of the Italian Cultural Institute at the heart of Rue d'Alger, in fact, invites us to broaden the subject to the legacies of the asymmetrical relations that France has built with North Africa. The Rue d'Alg er exhibition proposes a polyphonic and plural device for this purpose, in which artists and researchers address, through various activities (performances, round tables, seminars, etc.), the "ghosts" of the colonial past by returning to the construction of the shared and circulatory space that the Mediterranean of today could draw.


Istituto Italiano di Cultura Marsiglia, 6 Rue Fernand Pauriol, Marseille


From October 29 to December 21, 2020


arts, sciences
colonial history