IMI - Call for projects "RESEARCH" n°2

The Institute of Mechanics and Engineering has launched its 2nd call for "Research" projects with the aim of funding research projects to the tune of €25,000 per project. This call includes a main component and a complementary component aimed at promoting research/training continuity.

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Deadline for applications
Friday, November 27, 2020


This call aims to support innovative and collaborative research projects. The call includes a main "classical" component for funding research projects as well as a complementary pedagogy component aimed at encouraging the training-research link. For the main strand, the amount of the grant can be up to EUR 25 000. The pedagogical component makes it possible to finance a pedagogical action based on the research project (maximum amount 6000 euros). The duration of the projects is 12 months.
The overall budget for the main component is 100,000 euros. The deadline for submission of projects is 27 November 2020.

IMI gives priority to the collaborative nature of projects within the Institute. The present call is open to all themes and all subjects dealt with within the institute are eligible. Multidisciplinary and inter-laboratory projects are encouraged. In the call for proposals, it is requested to detail the scientific context of the project, the research programme and the expected impact.

About the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering :

A community of scientists and state-of-the-art equipment in the fields of fluid and solid mechanics, acoustics, energy and process engineering.

Understanding the mechanisms of deformation, motion and transfer in fluids and solids is as much a challenge when designing an aircraft as it is when analyzing the atmosphere or the movement of bacteria. The Institute of Mechanics and Engineering brings together four laboratories and a community of nearly 200 researchers committed to high-level training around these themes. The aim is to develop new knowledge, models and associated methods of resolution as well as innovative diagnostics that will make it possible to tackle the complex, multidisciplinary problems posed by industry and related scientific fields (geosciences, life sciences, environment, health, energy, etc.).

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