Goose Game Festival 2020 - "A World at a standstill"

Festival du Jeu de l'oie 2020

The Social Sciences and Arts Festival Jeu de l'oie on the theme "Tout un monde à l'arrêt" (A World at a standstill) takes up the news of the health crisis.
From 10 to 12 December 2020
- at the Mucem in Fort St. John,
- online on the future dedicated site for live broadcasts and a virtual exhibition of research projects

The Covid-19 pandemic and the brutal health crisis that ensued mobilised researchers at Aix-Marseille University who were keen to understand the epidemic, the social experiences of containment, the economic and environmental impacts and the ways in which the scientific data on the disease were translated into the media. The 2020 edition of the "Festival des sciences sociales et des arts - Jeu de l'oie" will be an opportunity to highlight the abundance and originality of research in the field.

Many researchers at Aix-Marseille Université have taken advantage of the period of confinement to conduct original reflections and new experiments to enlighten citizens on the many impacts of the current pandemic. The mobilization of the scientific community in the human and social sciences has certainly demonstrated the need for a commitment to understanding this health crisis, through the prism of interdisciplinarity, and in order to respond to long-term questions.

A selection of these projects will be presented at the 2020 edition of the 'Festival of Social Sciences and Arts - Game of the Goose', entirely rethought with a view to the period we are currently living in. The 'Goose Game' Festival, dedicated to understanding the social game and the world, was launched by the university in 2019, to help strengthen the place of social sciences and arts in the dialogue with society, with citizens, with other disciplines of our scientific community. The 'Goose Game' 2020, initially scheduled for June, will take place from 10 to 12 December at the Mucem, with a strong digital dimension through broadcasts and a virtual exhibition, all under the theme "A world at a standstill" echoing current events.
The event will be built in partnership with the Mucem and the Southern Region, and will highlight scientific reflections, educational experiments and artistic productions, all emanating from the period of confinement. In short, it will be an opportunity for society to invest in the future in a different way.

More details on the programming to come at the beginning of the school year.

Why the Goose Game?
The Game of the Goose, invented at the end of the 16th century, reproduced many times and adapted to the events of history, belongs to a shared heritage. Chance reigns supreme, as dice and hazards determine the way the pieces move. Its spiral shape reminds us of the labyrinth to be walked through in order to metaphorically come to know oneself and others. This festival, committed to understanding the social game and the world, refers to it as a new metamorphosis.

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