Gender Thursdays: Malian women in resistance


Malian women in resistance: writing and music It is impossible to know Malian literature and music without the contributions of women. Their texts and songs denounce all forms of violence against women while emphasizing that men and women experience conflict and related violence differently. As part of the Aix Marseille University Gender Thursdays.

With an "anti-war and anti-violence repertoire" to unite all Malians, these creators convey a strong message in support of victims of sexual violence, defend women's rights, criticize their society, and call for real change.

2 December from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm Conference room 2 Pôle Multimédia Maison de la Recherche Site Schuman Aix-en-Provence

Organized by UR 4235 CIELAM and 4236 Échanges (ALLSH) with Cheryl TOMAN, Professor at the University of Alabama, holder of the Gender 2021 Chair at the Gender Institute, hosted by CIELAM and Catherine ATLAN (UMR 8171 IMAf), specialist in African history.


Gender Thursdays
Malian resistance
violence against women