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In accordance with national recommendations, the university is closed and has activated its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Pedagogical Continuity Plan.
In order to answer the questions that each staff member may have in this exceptional situation, this Frequently Asked Questions synthesizes the answers to the most general questions we have already been asked.

Read the updated information on this IntrAMU website, read your emails regularly and follow the news of our university on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and INTRAmu . Finally, the websites and social network accounts of the components also offer useful information for staff and students, don't forget to consult them!


1. General questions

Does the university closure affect all staff?

Yes: all AMU staff must stay at home. Since Monday, March 16, 2020, no more staff will go to the office or the laboratory until further notice. However, the vital functions of the establishment require a derogation for certain personnel identified within the framework of the Business Continuity Plan.

What are the impacts of the closure of the university's premises on activities?

In urgent and unprecedented circumstances, it is no longer possible to continue an ordinary operation for all the activities of the University.
The Business Continuity Plan sets out the vital activities maintained in these exceptional circumstances and organizes their execution.
Insofar as all citizens are forced to remain confined to their homes, the work is carried out, as far as possible, according to the telework modality, using all available means.

When a vital activity inevitably requires a presence, the Activity Plan provides for a list of personnel who may have access to the university premises from 17 March, for the time strictly necessary and taking all measures to protect health and social distancing.
If you are in this case, you must have received from the Directorate of Health, Safety and Environment a nominative authorization for professional travel signed by the President of the University. You will have to carry this with you when you travel and also establish a self-certification using the official form.

Note: Staff working for Research Organisations must obtain this document from their Regional Delegation.

Are events cancelled (sports competitions, concerts, conferences...)?

All events, symposiums and other ceremonies are cancelled until the end of May - a date that will evolve according to the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You were due to welcome a colleague from France / from a foreign country soon, do you have to postpone his coming?

Yes, in light of the evolution of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic and the containment measures taken by the State, any reception of a non-essential person is suspended until further notice.


2. Working arrangements

How can you carry out your missions during this period of exceptional closure?

Line managers are encouraged to encourage the use of telework whenever possible and to adapt work organisations to new personal constraints (school closures, confinement, ...). Thus, AMU takes into account the appropriate HR arrangements (telework authorisation and special absence authorisation) to maintain the remuneration and rights of the staff concerned, whether permanent or contractual, for a period and under conditions adapted to the circumstances.

With the agreement of your line manager, you may use teleworking. What procedure should you follow?
As far as possible, teleworking should be the preferred solution, either with the academic material you already have or with your own personal material. Your activities and the way they are organised should be defined with your line manager, taking into account of course the personal constraints induced by exceptional circumstances.

What digital tools are available to you?

As no face-to-face meetings are held, e-mails and telephones, audio and video conferences are the best means of communication.
A set of digital tools for remote work is available on the following site: https://teletravail-pandemie.univ-amu.fr/.
New tools will be added to this kit in the coming days. Please consult this web page regularly.

You do not have professional computer equipment, how can you telework?

If your activities do not require a specific connection to business applications and if you have personal computer equipment, you can use it (office automation, messaging...). In addition, new tools are gradually being introduced by the IT systems department to facilitate teleworking, even without professional IT equipment. Contact your line manager to organise these exceptional working arrangements with him/her.

Terms of access to campuses for persons mobilised within the framework of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

What are the general instructions to be followed?

As of Monday, March 16, access to buildings is prohibited, except for personnel carrying out a vital activity requiring face-to-face work. The reference for these authorisations is the operational business continuity plans drawn up by each structure, communicated to the Health, Safety and Environment Department and only for persons authorised within the framework of these business continuity plans (no accompanying persons).

These vital activities are few in number and essentially: the research work of the 4 research units mobilized on COVID-19, the maintenance or monitoring of technical installations and platforms.

If you are in this case, you must have received from the Directorate of Health, Safety and Environment a nominative business travel authorization signed by the President of the University. You will have to carry it with you when you travel and also establish a self-certification using the official form.

If you feel that one of the vital activities of the facility you are performing has not been identified, contact your supervisor who will request a change to the BCP from the DHSE.

What are the health recommendations for these derogatory displacements - wearing gloves, masks?

The health recommendations are the same whether you are at home or on campus, and in particular, it is imperative to respect the barrier gestures, including the distance of at least 1 meter between people. For travel between home and the laboratory (and within the laboratory), wearing a surgical mask and gloves is not useful for people who are not ill. On the other hand, personnel mobilized within the framework of the PCA and having to meet colleagues will be provided with protective equipment. They will be informed of the methods of collection by e-mail at the same time as the work instructions.

Comportement à adopter

Caution: Instructions to be followed if you have symptoms (cough, fever) that make you think of COVID-19: stay at home, avoid contact, call a doctor before going to his office or call the duty of care number in your region.

  • You can also benefit from a teleconsultation.
  • If your symptoms worsen with breathing difficulties and signs of choking, call the SAMU - Centre 15 quickly".
  • Also note the toll-free number for information on the coronavirus COVID-19: 08 00 13 00 00

Please ensure that you inform your line manager so that your assignments included in the business continuity plan can be resumed.

3. HR Issues

You have to babysit your children due to school closures and containment, and have no means of teleworking. What procedure should you follow?

Depending on your personal situation, you can agree with your line manager on the use of special leave of absence. He or she can contact the AMU Human Resources Department for any questions.
In concrete terms, you are on leave without this special leave of absence being deducted from your annual leave entitlement.

If you are teleworking or have a special absence authorization, what are the impacts on your career and your pay?

Whether you telework or have a special absence authorisation, there is no impact on your career development (calculation of seniority, promotion rights, pension rights, etc.), on the maintenance of your right to remuneration, and on your annual leave rights, within the framework of the applicable regulatory provisions.

You are placed on sick leave by your doctor, what happens?

In this respect, the usual rules apply, as laid down by the provisions and practices in force to date. Thus, you must transmit your work stoppage to your hierarchical superior within the statutory time limits (48 hours).


4. Teaching and continuity of teaching service

Do you have the obligation to ensure your teaching?

Yes, by organising pedagogical continuity for your students. Pedagogical continuity aims, in the event of a student's temporary removal or closure of the University, as has been the case since March 16, to maintain a pedagogical link between teachers and students. It consists in continuing to provide teaching by all possible dematerialized means (putting teaching resources online, video capture, virtual classes, forum...). The entire team of the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation and Evaluation (CIPE) is at your disposal to accompany you at a distance. This is also the case for the teams of your teaching department, your institute and your component.

How can you continue to provide your distance learning courses?

As part of the continuity of the educational activities, you are invited to deposit your courses and other educational materials, whatever the format (written or video), on AMU's Moodle educational platform. In addition to Moodle, there are a number of other tools that will allow you to set up and run distance learning courses.

You are on holiday, your classroom teaching is cancelled from March 16th, will you be paid for the hours you had to do?

Yes insofar as my teachings are transposed in the continuity plan of the pedagogical activities, a plan which is based in particular on teachings proposed in distance learning.

5. Some services that may be useful to you:

For the few staff who have to go to the site to work


Our partner people & baby offers certain requisitioned crèches and micro-crèches which remain open in order to receive the children of priority staff who are essential to the management of the health crisis. So if you and/or your spouse are part of this priority list, we encourage you to contact :


The BUs

Offer many services remotely


Physical and sports activity

Maintaining regular physical activity remains an important goal for everyone's health, which is why the AMU SUAPS team stresses the importance of maintaining physical activity while staying at home.

  • "We invite you to regularly consult On the next page and the AGON website under the heading "News", which will centralize all the proposals for sessions that can be held at home. They are accessible to all. Take care of yourself. The SUAPS team."


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