The DeepTech Tour is coming to Marseille!

Researchers, PhD students, students, from the lab to the startup, discover how to get started! In partnership with Aix-Marseille University, this event focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship.

You are a researcher and you wonder how to give more impact to your research work?
You are a PhD student and you are wondering about the future and your employability?
You are a student and want to discover new opportunities for your curriculum and your future career?

February 4, 2022 from 10am to 4pm on the Polytech campus in Marseille

Free but mandatory registration!

The Deeptech Tour highlights: highly technological startups that are shaping the world of tomorrow, often resulting from long research work that leads to an idea, a technology that will change our daily lives. Join us on February 4th, to understand how Deeptech projects enhance your publications and thesis, how links are forged between startups and the world of research and how to launch yourself into entrepreneurship; if that tempts you.

Behind every Deeptech startup, there are individuals who were in your shoes before you started. They are researchers, PhD students, students or entrepreneurs and they decided to value their work differently. Come and meet them, they will share with you their story, their journey and their passion.

On the agenda:

A day dedicated to Deeptech, organized and led by local actors of your ecosystem.

  • Round tables with concrete and actionable key words
  • Inspirational feedback from people who have done it
  • Workshops in small groups to encourage exchange and interaction
  • Meetings that could change things