Cups &Cakes 1 - "Shedding light on developing cortical circuits", Rosa Cossard (AMU)


RIS4CIVIS is pleased to invite you to its latest novelty: the scientific conferences Cups&Cakes!

These meetings aim to create a discussion forum for CIVIS researchers to connect and get an overview of what is happening in other partner universities on a specific topic. In the longer term, these exchanges also aim to foster exchanges and develop potential collaborations within the CIVIS Alliance.

Cups & Cakes 1 | "Shedding light on developing cortical circuits" (AMU)

Rosa Cossart
INMED (INSERM U1249), Aix-Marseille University, NeuroMarseille Institute, Turing Center for Living Systems

Advances in molecular genetics and imaging have made it possible to dissect neuronal connectivity in unprecedented detail, while in vivo recordings provide indispensable clues to how sensory, motor and cognitive functions are encoded in neuronal firing. However, bridging the gap between the cellular and behavioral levels ultimately requires an understanding of the functional organization of the underlying neural circuits. In this talk, I will present experimental evidence for the existence of pivotal neurons, cells that critically contribute to the maturation of functional cortical circuits during brain development.

Practical information:

Every other Monday from 10:00-11:00 am (CET), we invite you to join our one-hour seminar that will include a 40-minute presentation of current research and a 20-minute open discussion.

Each partner university, in turn, will have the opportunity to present a topic from their research to the CIVIS community.

This event is open to CIVIS Alliance members only.

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