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  1. I keep a rhythm: I get up, eat and go to bed at the usual times.
  2. I take care of the quality of my sleep and don't hesitate to do relaxation exercises, heart rate exercises (Respirelax application for example), meditation, or drink herbal teas... to help me.
  3. I stay informed from official sources (to avoid fake news) BUT I limit my exposure to the media so as not to increase anxiety unnecessarily (1 to 2 times a day, max 30 mn).
  4. I take a step back from my reactions by acknowledging them and normalizing them: the situation is abnormal, it is normal to feel stress BUT I remain objective about the means I have at my disposal to deal with it: barrier gestures, confinement, telephone and social networks to keep in touch with my loved ones, pleasant activities to take my mind off things (reading, music, films, games...).
  5. I allow myself to confide my difficulties and share my worries with a relative and call him/her when I feel the stress mounting. I can also put myself in contact with professionals: my attending physician and or my psychologist-psychiatrist, my department of preventive medicine.
  6. I practise a physical or sporting activity at least 30mn per day: videos and sports program of SUAPS, gymdirect on Youtube.
    - The "Rendez-vous Sport AMU".
    - All the information on sports activities :

  7. 7. I keep in touch with my friends and family and share light-hearted discussions with them.

With children

  1. I talk about the Covid 19 with my children and encourage them to ask questions in order to answer their concerns and clarify their misunderstandings. I help them to express their emotions and feelings (boredom, fear, anger,...) and to rationalize them.
  2. I create with and for them a list of contacts "in case of need": emergency numbers, attending physician and people to prevent.
  3. I make sure that they can keep in touch with classmates or children of their own age, for example by creating a support group on Skype or Google duo so that they can share school time.
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