COVID-19: Manufacturing visors using 3D printers for the benefit of caregivers

CP AMU fabrication visières anti COVID

Aix-Marseille University is mobilizing to manufacture and distribute protective visors via 3D printers spread over numerous sites for the benefit of healthcare personnel, including the AP-HM.

After a call from the AP-HM launched on the weekend of March 30 on social networks, Aix-Marseille University has mobilized to organize with its partners on the site (CNRS, INSERM, Gustave Eiffel University, Centrale Marseille, CEA ...) the manufacture, via 3D printers spread over many sites, of simple and effective protective visors to fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus among healthcare workers.
On the evening of the call, a census made it possible to locate about sixty 3D printers in about forty laboratories and training departments. Industrial partners such as Pain de Sucre, which supplied us with elastic bands, the Belle de Mai incubator, Multiwave Imaging, Enedis, Soream, Shark, Biotech Dental Group, etc. joined us, sometimes preceded us and always supported us.

Today, about 200 visors can be manufactured every day on the Aix-Marseille sites where the 3D printers are grouped together in order to optimize production and ensure the delivery of protections to hospitals. We have also joined the "visors for solidarity" community, which coordinates the efforts of the "makers" on this subject in the Marseilles region.

The 3D models used are available for download at :

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