BU: new access to online documentation

nouveaux accès documentation en ligne

During the period when establishments are closed due to the pandemic, some publishers are opening access to their online content.

The list below will be progressively updated on the BU website.


JSTOR: Full text archives of academic journals. Until June 30:
- opening of all archived collections
- opening of ebooks, as and when publishers agree to do so


Digital Premium: electronic books in the humanities and social sciences. Until April 19, 2020, the publisher has opened access to the entire collections.


Elsevier-Masson: the titles of the medical digital library (Collections Collège, DFGSM, PACES and Anatomy) are accessible during the confinement period.

JSTOR: 29 public health journals. Until June 30, 2020, the publisher opens access to the archives.


JOVE : new collections accessible until June 15, 2020, via the tab "SCIENCE EDUCATION" :
- Science Education - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Psychology, Engineering and Environment: different thematic collections that present the method and protocol of experimentation. The modules can be used as a course support, as an aid in the preparation of practical work, but also as a revision tool.
- Lab Manual - Biology & Environment: 32 complete and curriculum-oriented laboratory modules for introductory practical work in biology.
- Core - Biology & Psychology: covers the fundamentals courses in a video format of a few minutes.

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