Back to work in 2021: terms of resumption of activities

Modalites de reprise enseignement 2021

This new year will once again mobilize all the innovation and adaptation capacities of the university community. Within AMU, there is a great desire and an urgent need to be able to meet face-to-face. However, we still need to remain cautious. Indeed, the figures of the health situation are not favourable to a classic recovery in January.

This morning, a meeting of the President of AMU, members of the CPU and the DGESIP set the date for the resumption of face-to-face courses for L1 students - and those with a digital divide - for the week of January 20, if health conditions permit. And on 8 February for all the other student promotions.

Thus, the terms and conditions for the start of the academic year are as follows for the students and staff of Aix-Marseille Université :

  • Until 25 January for students in the first year of Licence, DUT and PEIP1 (L1, DUT1, PEIP1) and until 8 February for the other diplomas, the system introduced before the holidays remains in force: courses in lecture theatres and tutorials are by distance learning, practical work can be done in person, subject to authorisation, and knowledge assessments can be done in person.

  • Between 25 January and 8 February, for these L1/DUT1/PEIP1 students, the lectures remain at a distance for large classes with more than 150 students enrolled (except for students in the digital divide, who are accommodated in classrooms). The other courses and teaching activities can take place in the classroom, provided that the rules of distance learning are respected and that student flows are reduced (the principle of half-tonnage is applied).

  • If the health situation permits, as of February 8, all students of all degrees will be able to receive all pedagogical activities in a traditional classroom setting, provided that the rules of distance learning are respected and that the principle of half-gauge occupancy of the classrooms is applied.

As far as staff are concerned, distance learning will also apply until January 23rd inclusive, for those who are not concerned by the preparation of the new student year.

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