Information letter from the President of Aix-Marseille University to the whole university community.

Marseille, Monday 13 December 2021

Dear colleagues,
Dear students,

In the continuity of my last message, I am addressing you once again in order to bring you additional information for the beginning of the school year in January 2022.

As I announced to you, we are forced to take measures to limit the circulation of the COVID-19. We are therefore choosing to anticipate the start of the new school year rather than wait for potential new information during the holiday season, in order to allow us to return to campus as quickly as possible, in complete safety.

So, here are the new health recommendations, which will apply for the first two weeks of January, for all the university courses except for students in medicine, maieutics, odontology, pharmacy, physiotherapy from the second year of study and doctoral students (except for new governmental information):

1. Course and internship modalities

During the first 15 days of January, the lectures and tutorials will have to be done remotely. I am aware that these measures are not neutral, especially for students with a digital divide. This is why we are reactivating the arrangements for students in this situation. In addition, practical activities such as practical work and field trips will take placenormally, always in compliance with health regulations. Similarly, internships in companies and laboratories will be held in compliance with health standards and according to the protocol of the host institution.

2. Assessment and control of knowledge

In order to limit the impact on the training courses, the assessments will continue to take place in the classroom in compliance with the health protocol.


All this information as well as the reminder of the barrier measures to be applied within the establishment and the sanitary rules in force are available here.

I am well aware that these new constraints have a strong impact on the whole community and I hope that this anticipation will allow us to return to a normal situation as of January 15, 2022. I have confidence in our collective ability to overcome this new ordeal, as we have always done since the beginning of this crisis.

Thank you all,
Kind regards.

Éric Berton

President of Aix-Marseille University

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