AMU Finalists - CROUS Regional Dance Competition

Lauréats concours de danse CROUS

Aix-Marseille University congratulates its dancers, winners of the 2020 regional dance competition organised by the CROUS!
Next step: the national competition!

1st regional prize - "Le Banquet"

Choreography and interpretation :
Alice Beaumond, Alice Pucheus, Cameron Fructuoso, Eve Playoust
Members of DANSE'AMU - Cie Universitaire

"Le Banquet" is a choreographic creation for four dancers. Inspired by the different social forms of existence, "Le banquet" stages a gathering event around a table. The creation tends to highlight the different behaviours linked to this gathering through movement. Emphasis is placed on relationships and the different dynamics they cover: rivalry, conformity, friendship, relief... The creation tends to reveal how individualities escape from this common attable, but also the way in which relationships dispose, modify and intervene in the staging as well as the revelation of the self.

2nd regional prize - "The end of the egregores"

Choreography and interpretation :
Idir Chatar, Nina Webert
Students benefiting from the special study scheme "High level artist".

The idea of the duet was to free ourselves from the habits of thought, the egregores, in order to question our state of consciousness. Is Man really the creator of real sound? The dance is guided by an idea of elevation. Two lost beings try to find the exit of the Platonic cave. They get lost in the meanders of mythical figures, ranging from the Indian goddesses to Atlas and Rodin's thinker, to finally reach a state of absolute nihilism.

la fin des égrégores


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